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Hello, so today's blog post is going to be about two or three things that I have been obsessed with in the current week, so at the end of every week I am going to do this little blog post.

The first thing I have been obsessed with this week is a tv program, what is Pretty Little Liars as I mentioned in my monthly favourites my two friends got me into watching it this month and this I week I finished season one and now onto season two. This week I think I may have watcha around 15 episodes, what I don't think is good for me. I think one night I may have watched 5 episodes what means as they are on for 45minutes it means one night I watched Pretty Little Liars for four and a half hours! 

The second thing I have been obsessed with this week is Lana Del Rey. I have just been loving listening to her this week, I think she is just amazing and her voice is lovely. Her voice is kind of vintage, if that makes sense, I love vintage music and also fashion. So Lana Del Rey is perfect, my favourite song by her has got to be Young&Beautiful.

My final obsession this week has got to be Rimmel London BB cream 9in1 in Very Light, it is super good, easy to blend and also doesn't make you look like you have caked your face in foundation. It is perfect for school as it creates such a natural look.

Ailish Elizabeth❤️


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