25 Facts About Me| Ailish Elizabeth

I have had my blog for 3 years and I've never really shared anything about myself, like facts, so I 
thought since I have restarted my blog I would share somethings about myself with you.
I don't think I have many interesting facts but I am just going to tell you some facts about me anyway. 

1. I'm a huge Disney fan

I love Disney so much and I've actually been to Disneyland Paris 5 times, 4 times with my family and each time we went for like a week and then I went for a day with my school the other year, as some of you might know if you read my blog like two years ago.

2. I hate cheese and tomatoes 
They are like the only foods that I refuse to eat, I only like them on pizza and tomatoes in pasta. I hate cheese that much when I was in year nine food tech I told the teacher I was allergic to it because I didn't want to make the food because everything we made had cheese in.

3. My first concert was Girls Aloud
Me and my sister when we were younger loved Girls Aloud and they actually were my first concert in 2007 whenI was  6 in Manchester.

4. My Nintendog never listened to me
My first game for my Nintendo DS was Nintendogs like everyone and my first Dog on it was called Rose and she was always my favourite but she never listened to me, even when she was old and I had the game for years. I also felt like I was training her for years and she was awful at competition whilst Niamh was always head of me and her dogs always won and it was because... I couldn't pronounce Rose. I had like a lisp when I was younger but it wasn't like an actual lisp, I think I just couldn't pronounce some letters and one of them was the letter R. Because I couldn't say the letter R when I was calling Rose she never came because I was actually calling Wose.

5. I have three favourite Disney films
As I said before I am a huge Disney fan but my top three Disney films are very different from each other and they are Beauty and The Beast, The Lion King and Peter Pan.
I've always loved them three since I was little and if I was to watch a Disney film I would probably watch one of them.

6. I've had my eyebrow waxed off

I have done a blog post about this, but last January I went to get my eyebrows waxed and I walked out with only one eyebrow. I did pay after she had waxed one of my eyebrows off because once she had waxed them she always gave me a mirror for me to look them but this time she held the mirror up for me and just showed me my one eyebrow. I didn't actually know until like five minutes after leaving when my sister was looking at me weird and then she just told me and I panicked so much.

7. I had braces
I got my actual braces in July 2014 and then I got them removed in February 2016 but before that in November 2013 I got like a back braces for my top set of teeth and I had that for about year, so I still had it when I had normal braces. The back braces was probably the best but worst thing for me because that's what started my top teeth to become straight, other than having teeth took out, but it was also bad because it gave me a really bad lisp for bit and I would always but my tongue up to the bar and kind of just mess with it and then I started doing that when speaking and one teacher always thought I was eating in class when speaking and I had to keep explaining to her that I wasn't it was just my brace.
When I got my braces removed last year I was actually going to do like a brace advise/story sort of post but never got around to doing it and I kind of regret it now because I went through so much to get straight teeth.

8. My Favourite TV show is Outnumbered
I never mentioned this in my top ten tv shows because I felt like it didn't fit with the other tv shows I was talking about because they were all dramas, I think. However, Outnumbered is my favourite tv show, me and my older sister were on about it the other week, after watching like series five again, we talked about how we didn't understand how people didn't like it or how people have never watched it. We also said that we are always in the mood to watch it, like whatever you are feeling you are always in the mood to watch outnumbered, well we are anyway.

9. I am left handed
I feel like this is boring to share, but yeah I am left handed but I cut paper with my right hand, I am not like a full left hand person and I would always find myself explaining to others how I needed right handed scissors after they had gave me left handed ones, because I can't actually use left handed scissors.
I also batted in rounders with my right hand and I was good with my right hand but then the other year I tried with my left hand and I wasn't the best but the next time I went to bat my teacher told me to do it with my left hand and I kept using my left hand and I can now bat with both left and right but I now normally use my left hand because a lot of the distant fielders are on the left waiting for the hit from your right hand and therefore my hit was unexpected and I would normally get a full rounder.

10. I was naturally blonde
I now have brown hair, and I think it's the darkest it has ever been and it's going towards dark brown hair however I haven't always had brown hair. When I was younger I had blonde hair and it was super thin, but I had the lightest hair in my family but I now have dark hair, I am now darker than Niamh which who I always had lighter hair than. It's so weird now telling people that I was once blonde because they just look at me with a weird look and don't believe me because of how dark my hair is now.

11. I have two favourite words
My favourite words are really weird words to have for your favourite words, but they are contemplate and adjacent. I don't really know why they are my favourite words they just are and I do use them when I'm speaking to people.

12. I am a huge One Direction Fan

I feel like I have never fully addressed this on my blog other than when I mention their concerts in my blogs. But for those who don't know I have LOVED One Direction for years. I have been a One Direction fan, a Directioner as the fans were called, since the start of One Direction and I actually remember watching their auditions, especially Harry's, Louis' and Liam's and I remember Isn't she Lovely was played on the radio like the day after Harry's audition.
But, I have actually saw One Direction 4 times, I went to all their tours and the first time I saw them was on the Up All Night tour and it was in the ECHO 2, which is like half of the ECHO arena and it was their biggest venue on that tour because they were playing smaller venues as it was their first tour.
I also cried when Zayn left and cried when they did their last performance and for those wondering who my favourite is, it is Louis Tomlinson and it always has been. But, Harry and Niall are close seconds.

13. I have never broken a bone
I have nearly broken a bone, basically I once fell in-between, which you were not suppose to walk on, and my right leg fell between two rocks and I fell left and I luckily only got cuts all down my legs and on my hands, but if I had fell to the right my leg probably would of broken my leg and also hurt myself more as that was downwards and there was more rocks there.

14. I have had a black eye
Basically when I was around 5 I think I got a black eye on my left eye think, but it could have been my right. I did go to A&E as I got pushed into a brick wall so it could have been worse, and this all happened in primary school during lunch time when the toys came out.

15. My favourite animals are flamingos
I love flamingos and I have since I was little and I saw them at Chester Zoo. I think they are such a pretty animal and if you have read my blog for a while you will know that I have flamingo phone case which I got last year and love.

16. I love reading
This is something I want to write about more on my blog because I love reading so much and I want to share with you my favourite books and what I am reading or what I have read. But since I was little I have loved reading and I cannot remember not loving reading, when I was younger I would actually sleep with a stack on books next to my pillow. My two favourite books are To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee and The Book Thief by Markus Zusak, I read To Kill a Mockingbird when I was in primary school in year 6, I think I was 10 maybe just turned 11 and I've read it many times since and then The Book Thief I actually only read last year after I had put it off for so long because I didn't think I would like it but it was amazing and I can describe the writing of it because it's beautiful writing but from an awful perspective during a horrible period of time.

17. I love notebooks and stationary

I feel like everyone does and it is so sad but they make me so happy. I own so many pretty notebooks and I hate using them because I don't want to waste them and I don't want to start writing in them in case I don't like what I write.

18.I love going the theater
I have watched so many productions in the theater from Dirty Dancing to Lord of the Flies to Blood Brothers and I love it. I have been the theater with my parents but I was also lucky enough to go a lot with my old school/ school and I loved it. I have watched so many different shows that without my school I would have never even heard or went to see. The main reason I would go a lot with my school was because I did drama and was in the GCSE group but also my English class specifically got offers to go and see different performances a lot. My favourite ones are ones that I saw with school and they are The Lion King, which I saw when I went to London with my school and it was spectacular and if you ever go and see it I highly recommend getting seats in the stalls on the end of the rows because they use the pathways of the audience a lot and I had an end seat and it was amazing. I also loved The Woman in Black, which I won't have saw without my school because I had never heard of the stage show and that is with 2 or 3 actors and a stage with very few props and I saw it in a really small theater in Blackpool and I was close to the stage and I did feel scary even though I knew the plot and how ended because I had watched the film. Then, my next favourite is To Kill a Mockingbird, as I said before it is my favourite book but it is also one of my favourite productions, I saw this front row and it was so good better than what I expected and people who had never read the book went with me and they really enjoyed it too. 

19. I loved to act
As you can see I put lovED, this is because I don't really like to anymore. When I was in primary school I really enjoyed it within the Christmas plays and then when I was in year four we got a drama club and I was in three of their productions, the first year I was just a narrator but the next two I was an actual character and I played Long John Silver in Treasure Island and then The Queen of Hearts in Alice in Wonderland. Then I went to Secondary school and was on and off with drama I was in Aladdin but I was only a small part as I was in year 7. Then I think I stopped until I was in year eight and we did a summer show and we did a small bit of Annie and I was Pepper I think and we also did a small part of Hairspray and I was Penny's mum. I was also in the Christmas show when I was in year 9, I think and me and four of my friends put on a really short Cinderella production and I actually was Cinderella. Then the second half of year nine we actually started doing our drama GCSE and there was like ten of us and we split into two groups and my group did Shakers and I loved it and I played Adele who I loved. We carried on Drama GCSE all the way into year eleven, in year ten we did a big production of Hairspray and I played Tracy and we did it in seven weeks and I didn't enjoy it and then finally in year eleven we had to make our production up and my group did ours on mental health and an asylum which was fun and my character was called Maddie and she was crazy and heard voices and was just weird. But, my drama GCSE actually made me really not enjoy acting anymore it just became boring, but I think part of this was due to me growing up too.

20. I collect tickets

As I said before I love going the theater but I also love going to concerts and if you have been reading my blog for a while you might know this. But, when I go to any concerts or theater productions I like to keep my tickets and I had them for ages on my bedside table and then finally the other year I put them on display in my room. However, the ones on my wall now are not all the productions or concerts I have been to, for concerts old ones I don't have tickets for and new ones I haven't put them up and then some theater shows I go with school we don't get the tickets for them.

21. I have never bought anything with my name on
I have always wanted something with my name on, but have never got it. I have always wanted a water bottle or a key ring or something with my name on and you cannot find it. I actually looked this weekend too and I got so excited and then read the name again and it was Alisha, it is actually horrible. My name is Irish so it is hard to find anything with my name on in England but I have also been to Ireland and I've never found anything with my name on. When I was younger I had to get the things with "Special Daughter" or "Princess" on, never got anything with my name on.

22. I have awful earpiercings
I got my ears pierced when I was 7 I think and I was so excited and could not wait, I got them around the start of the summer holidays so I could wear them for 6 weeks without taking them out because the next school year I would be going swimming every week and couldn't wear earrings. I go and get them pierced and two pierce them at the same time and that was fine then and I don't know if you could tell then or if you could only tell once I started wearing my own earrings but they were odd. My left piercing is so low and has got lower over time, it's horrible and now I can't wear super cute earrings or new ones because they are too heavy and I get told to let them close over but they won't and I love wearing earrings, it is just so annoying.

23. I always tap my shoes after tying them

This is weird and I didn't know I did this until someone pointed it out to me but once I tie my laces and tuck them into my shoe and then I tap the side of my shoe twice and I don't why but I always do it and this was pointed out to me around 2 or 3 years ago and I still do it.

24. My favourite colour is blue
I love the colour blue, like pale blue or dusty blue and I own a lot of blue or mint coloured things because I really like them and that colour. But when I was younger my favourite colour was pink as I was a girly girl and loved anything pink and girly. Then, I got to around the age of seven or eight and my favourite colour was yellow and thankfully I never got anything yellow like bedding or clothes, although now I wear yellow, I think I mainly liked it because it made me happy and it was a happy colour and I liked yellow until I was like 11 or 12 when I loved the colour blue. I always wanted yellow converse and I would always google them and look at them but they were so hard to find, so I never got them but I would always wear a bright yellow watch which I wore once for a school picture and my Mum had to buy a zoomed in picture rather than the actual one.

25. My name can be Elizabeth Elizabeth
My name is Ailish, obviously, but at first my Mum liked the name Alice but then she called me Ailish and she thought Ailish was the Irish version of Alice and therefore my middle names were Elizabeth Louise. Then, when I was around 7 we found out that Ailish isn't actually the Irish for Alice but it is the Irish for Elizabeth, so my parents basically named me the same name twice. But, it is helpful because when I got Starbucks sometimes and don't want to spell out my name or hear my name being called Alisha I tell them my name is Elizabeth.

So, there are 25 facts about me. Hopefully you found this interesting and you have learnt a bit more about me. 

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  1. Nice article, thank you for the sharing

    1. Thank you, I am glad you enjoyed reading it and thank you for commenting.
      Ailish Elizabeth x

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