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So today's blog post is going to be a bit different to the blog posts I have done before it is going to be a little talking one. Every week or so on a Tuesday I want to do a Tuesday Talk were I basically just talk about different topics. Today's topic is Thank yous, what may sound strange but will come more clear as you read on.

So first I would like to thank all of you guys who are sitting there reading my blog. I started my blog on Monday 17th March and put one blog post up. However last Monday I uploaded my second blog post, My March Favourites, These two post made my pageviews go up to 220 or something, what I could not believe. Then on Saturday I put up a few posts and they got my blog to like 335 views, Sunday again put up some posts got my blog to 400. Then yesterday I put up a quick blog post what some how got my blog to 500views. Then from yesterday to now my blog is on 632views, with out me putting up a post my blog increased by 132views. Now I know to some 632 views is not a lot but for me it is and I don't know why you guys read my blog, because to me they are terrible. So thank you so much for getting me to over 600 views on my blog.

Continuing on blog thank yous I would like to thank Gemma, Emma, Liv and Amber, I know this is not like a massive blog and to some this not a mile stone or anything but to me it is and thank them for encouraging me to write the blog.  

And finally someone I want to thank who wont read this blog and will never know about it is James Bourne from Busted or McBUSTED now who followed me this morning. So with getting over 600 views on my blog and follow off him just made my day!

So yep that is all for this post but I want to say Thank you again and my next post hopefully will be beauty or fashion related. Also this week I will be going to my local town and going shopping so I think I might do a little haul post.  So yep my next Tuesday Talk will be be relevant to my blog and about beauty or fashion or something like that. However I really enjoyed writing this today because I fell like I need to thank you for reading it! Thankfully I have finished my blog post the same time I finished my cup of tea, so now I go and make myself another cup, I have lately became addicted to it (shhhh)!
Ailish Elizabeth xx


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