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Hello everyone, today I'm going to telling you how to achieve some of my favourite hairstyles at the moment. A lot of them are really easy and really quick to do in the morning.
Pony Tail
So first off is just a simple pony tail that everyone can do.Before I do my pony tails I like to straighten my hair as it just makes the pony tail longer and in my opinion with my hair it makes it look nicer. I also like my pony tail just to be a bit messy, however not like all hair falling out of it, so what I do is when I go to put the bobble around the hair I push my hair forward a bit and it just creates a nice loose look.

Front side weave
This is most probably my favourite hairstyle out of them all as I wear this one the most. All I do is split my hair into its normal part however with the front section of hair I just go over more, so it is more hair on one side at your head at the front. Then you take a little small section of that hair, that you just sectioned and split that into three. Then you do one stitch of that weave (braid) like you are starting a plat, then pick up a piece of hair from the front section of hair you just sectioned and also the back and add them to the front and back pieces of hair that are in the weave. You carry this on till you get to around the edge of your head then you can just clip it up like I do or carry it on as a plait.

Sock Bun
This is most probably the hardest but simplest hairstyle, EVER! It seems so hard to do, however it is so easy, all you have to do is put your hair into a ponytail, then grab a sock, cut the tip of it off ans scrunch it up so it looks like a scrunchy. Then hold the pony tail up in the air and put the sock at the end, then just roll the sock down the pony tail till it reaches your head and secure it with clips or even a bobble. If you want to know more depth how to do a sock bun my first blog post was on it so just go and have a look at it.

Tight front weave 
This one looks a lot a like the previous front weave however this one is kind of a bit more tricky than that one. You do the same however you pick up smaller pieces and also start the weave with smaller pieces aswell. Again you can either finish it by plaiting it or personally I just like to clip it up. This looks more complicated than it is and because of that you get many compliments for it.

Fish Tail Plait
For the Fish tail plait all you have to do is section your hair in two and take one piece from the outside of one section over to the center of the plait for over to the over section. You carry on this step until you finish. The tighter and neater you want it the smaller the strands you take over and the longer it will take. I like to finish mine off with a ribbon.

Wavey (No Heat)
This is most probably the simplist hairstyle as all you have to do is sleep with either two or one weave in. I slept with two in to get a more mess wavey look. I really like this look for summer and spring as it is super quick, there is no heat used and sometime the waves may look natural.

Front 3D Weave
Before I begin I would like to apologise to Liv for haveing her in the picture. Okay so for this look you need to do the same parting as you would for a normal front weave and take three sections, like normal. However you do the braiding differently. You need to take the middle section over the outer section and again the middle over the outer. You pick up her like a normal weave but the middle section goe OVER and the outer sections go UNDER instead.

Side 3D Weave
This may look like the hardest hairstyle but it is super easy ones you know how to do it.  Firstly you do a deep side part and take the rest of the hair over to the other side. The section off your hair at the front and part that into three. Then you do one stitch the same as you do on the hairstyle before this, middle OVER outer UNDER. You pick up hair again on bottom and top and proceed doing the same steps, until you are left with this beautiful hairstyle. Personally I think it is like Elsa from Frozen!

So these are some of my favourite hairstyles, try them out and see how they go, comment below your favourite hairstyle!


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