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Hello. So Spring has sprung, what means that it is a new season and new clothes are needed. Or maybe just wearing some of the same clothes you wore last year this spring. So in this post I am going to show you some favorite items for this spring.

Firstly it is this lovely white crop top from New Look, it was only something like £15. It is a lace effect top and is see through what means for me a vest top is needed under it. It of the flowers around it is perfect for spring going into summer.

Next is this, what I call, Candyfloss pink skater skirt dress. It is very lose fitted from the waist down (the skirt) as expected. It is perfect for those odd occasions when Britain is warm as it is very thin material, however this is also a downside to the dress as you can see you underwear through it. The dress is also from New Look from last summer. 

Again this is a lose fitted, see through piece of clothing however this t-shirt and looks fine when on. It is lovely pink, tie dye top, this looks perfect with a pair of high waisted shorts and is perfect again for those odd occasions when Britain is warm. This top is from Primark from last year.  

Next are high waisted shorts, my favorite, I love them. Again they are perfect for summer and spring and for those days when it is cold, because we get them a lot, just wear them with a pair of tights. These can be worn with anything literally the other day i wore them with a blouse! Again these are from New Look and let me just say New Look shorts are just perfect!   

This is a navy blue boxy crop top from Primark this was bought last year and has got to be my favorite and most worn top EVER! You can get a replica of this shirt from New Look at the moment, I nearly bought because I love this top so much. Again loosely fitted and very flowey  so when we do get warm weather you can wear it.

Next is a bag what may seem weird but I never said it was all going to be clothing. This bag i got for christmas off my Mum and Dad so I am not too sure where you can get it from however you can bags like this everywhere. My Mum and Dad got me it in this beautiful red (ish) colour and since they got me it I have been using it none stop. I think it is perfect for Spring as it can fit everything in, all the essentials. It also came with the cross body strap but I don't think it looks very nice with it on. 

Next are shoes, these are my converse and I love converse and have ever since I was little and got my first pair. My favourite colour of converse have got to be the white ones as you can wear them with anything, at the moment I have been loving my ankle cut ones and they look amazing with frilly socks and also are very girly.

Finally it is a beauty product and it is perfume. I love Taylor by Taylor Swift and mentioned in my March favourites how it just has a lovely floral aroma and just makes me think of spring when I wear it!

So that is somethings that are going to be great wear in the spring. Hope you guys liked it, all pictures were took by me (on my iphone).
                                                       Ailish Elizabeth xx

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