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25 Facts About Me| Ailish Elizabeth

I have had my blog for 3 years and I've never really shared anything about myself, like facts, so I  thought since I have restarted my blog I would share somethings about myself with you. I don't think I have many interesting facts but I am just going to tell you some facts about me anyway.  1. I'm a huge Disney fan I love Disney so much and I've actually been to Disneyland Paris 5 times, 4 times with my family and each time we went for like a week and then I went for a day with my school the other year, as some of you might know if you read my blog like two years ago. 2. I hate cheese and tomatoes  They are like the only foods that I refuse to eat, I only like them on pizza and tomatoes in pasta. I hate cheese that much when I was in year nine food tech I told the teacher I was allergic to it because I didn't want to make the food because everything we made had cheese in. 3. My first concert was Girls Aloud Me and my sister when we wer

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