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Hello, yesterday me,Emma, Gemma and Liv all hopped onto a train to Liverpool to do some shopping, what turned into more window shopping that buying actual products. We all met at the train station and most probably got on the most packed train we could of got on. We luckily found a three seats, all in a row on the same side, we all squeezed on to them, Gemma ended up siting on my knee and as we were talk a bit load we did get some funny looks. 

The first thing we did when we got to Liverpool was check superdrug to see if Tanya's Lips and Nails where there, what sadly they weren't. After that we split up, me and Liv going to Primark and Emma and Gemma going to some music shop (not HMV Niamh ). Whilst in Primark I most probably picked up around nine things I wanted to buy, I only came out with two things. We spent most of our time in Primark at the accessories part or at the pyjamas  as I really needed a new comfy pair. I had picked around 5 pairs of pyjamas I wanted and ended up choosing a pair I didn't even see till walking to the till. I really feel sorry for Liv coming shopping with me. 
We went to the Cath Kidston store, what for me is like heaven. All the floral prints and pastel colours were just perfect. I could live there! I made the girls stay in there for around 20 minutes, put how can you not just walk around an fall in love with the Cath Kidston shop. Even though we spent ages in there I ended up not buying anything from there as I could not decide what to buy.
Of course we went to Starbucks. We all ended up getting a Chocolate Cream, what is super nice, however it is not as good as a Mocha Cookie Crumble they are just to die for. Also Emma had her first Starbucks, what I could not believe, however I do love Starbucks and normally get a Starbucks every time I go out. We decided yesterday that I am the Queen Of Starbucks and also the definition of a Common White Girl! 

We also went to a lot more shops, like the DISNEY SHOP and we also did a lot of window shopping and just browsing through many shops.

So this is my first haul on my blog but I thought I would share with you the things I bought yesterday and also somethings I bought earlier on this week.
So one of the things I bought yesterday was this Mickey Mouse Tumbler (cup). I saw this and fell in love with it and had to buy it. It may be a bit childish but I love Disney. It was £5 from the Disney shop.

Next are these pyjamas from Primark and they are super cute as they have a teddy bear on the front saying "bear hugs?" and then on the back it is the bears back. Even I feel I don't like giving hugs out I thought they were so cute. Also the shorts aren't too short as some Primark pyjama shorts are.
These were suppose to be £5 however when I got the till I only got charged either £4 or £3.
I also bought a hand sanaitizer from Primark, this one is a Lemon Sherbet one and it has such a zesty sent and  it does smell a bit like lemons.However you can also smell the sanaitizer part. I bought this because I needed a new hand sanaitizer for school, because I really like carrying one around with me for school and I saw this and it has a nice sent and also super cheap so why not buy it! This was only £1.

Next is this beautiful notebook from Tesco, I think. I bought this either on Monday or Sunday. I got to just write down ideas for blog posts and also write them out and make sure they sound right, also me and my friends do drama and we think we might write our own script for something, so just to write notes and the script. This was around £2 or £3, I think it was suppose to be for mothers day but not many people bought them.
On the day I got the notebook I also bought this Neutrogenar Spot Stress Control, what is suppose to prevent spots before they come and when stressed out it is suppose to stop you from breaking out. Also as it is a daily face scrub it has been leaving my face feeling lovely. I have been using it every morning and night and event thought it has only been a couple of days my face has been feeling so clean and clear of spots. This was £2.33 in Tesco.
I of course had to get this months issue of Company because I love it. In this issue they talk to Bella Thorne who I have never actually liked but she seemed really nice and I like her fashion sense a bit, but would not wear them. Also there was a lot of pastel colours in this issue what just made me love it even more.
This was £2.60 like normal.

So that is all for this blog post, hope you like my first little haul.
Ailish Elizabeth


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