Music Monday- Meet The Vamps|Ailish Elizabeth

Hello guys, so today's music Monday is going to be talking about The Vamps amazing debut album "Meet The Vamps!" If you don't know I LOVE The Vamps (I'm a Vampette and I'm in the Vamily!)

As I said before I am go into be talking about The Vamps debut album, it came out today and if 54 more people buy the album it will be the fastest selling album of the year, just thought you would like to know that (thanks James for giving us that fact). The album is very diverse, it is not like a normal bands album, it's better. My favourite song on the album has got to be Another World or Somebody to You, they are both very different. Another World is kind of slow and very peaceful to listen to. However Somebody To You is a bit faster and you can dance around to it (if you are someone like me who can't dance but dances around to any song this one is for you).  I think Somebody to You is going to be amazing when they preform it on tour, hopefully I will get tickets.

So basically this post is just me telling you how amazing The Vamps debut album is, I am so proud of them and it feels so surreal that their album is out, I am so happy that She Was The One is on the album because that is like my favourite song ever. The only thing that makes me sad is that Jack is not on the album, so if you haven't heard Jack by The Vamps go and search it on YouTube now! 

So everyone go and buy Meet The Vamps now because they so deserve to be the fastest selling album of the year so far, I'm so proud of James, Tris, Brad and Con! 

Ailish Elizabeth


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