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Hello everyone, today I am going to show you my School Night Routine, this is what I do most nights when I get home from school.

So first of all one of the first things I do when I get home from school is tidy up my room. As I have an hour to get ready in the morning so normally my mirror is still up, my makeup still on my bed and my duvet all over the place. So I put everything away and make my bed.

Then after I have tidied up I get changed out of my uniform. Since it was raining and cold on the way home, even though it is spring, so I changed into a pair of leggings, an oversize jumper and pair of fluffy socks, because who doesn't like fluffy socks. 

Once I have got changed I like to get my hair out of my face so I tie it up. My hair was wet from the rain so it looks horrible but yep. I just take out the weave and brush through my hair and tie it up in a bun.

I like to empty my bag every night just to organise it. So the day that I did this I took out my homework, my school planner and my PE kit, that is what is in the Miss Selfridge bag.

Next I do my homework, as I was isolated for two and a half hours I had water and a little snack pack of biscuits that was for my lunch. I had English and French homework that not and to help me do it I listen to 5SOS She Looks So Perfect EP because I love it. During doing my English homework I ate lone of two quality streets that my mum and dad got me for Easter.

I then have some me time were I go and watch YouTube videos, that day I watched Poppy on Daily Mix, then I went to read some blogs, on the picture it shows I read the blog Ever Wierd, the person who writes the blog is supper nice I was talking about one direction with her the other day. ( her blog is- I also had a Malteaster bunny because they are amazing! 

A bit later on I grab my pyjamas and go for my shower. I remove my makeup aswell  and wash my face but I never added that in.

Then I brush my teeth, brushing my teeth is super important I have messed up teeth so it takes me forever to like brush them and get into the messed up teeth shape. I also have to brush the back of my teeth my teeth as my brace is behind my teeth and it is super awkward as it tickles so much. However the thought of something in my brace makes me feel sick.

I brush my hair after my shower and before I go to bed. I am leaving my hair to dry naturally as I use heat on my hair every morning as I straighten my hair everyday so the less heat I use the better. 
Then around ten o'clock I depart from the living room and go to bed. However I don't go to sleep till a bit later on because of YouTube and Twitter and Instagram and blogs to read and lot more.

So that is my school night routine hope you enjoyed reading it
Ailish Elizabeth


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