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Hello, it has been one month, and I can't believe it! 
So guys basically on March the 17th I wrote my first ever blog post on how to do a sock bun and the that is my second most view post, what confuses me because it is terrible. 
So this past month I have been blogging and oh my god I have loved doing it, I never thought it would be so fun. I started blogging because one Gemma said I would be good ant it and two I wanted to express my love for products and tell you what I have been loving and how to do hair and also just write what is on my mind.

I would like to thank all you who read my blog because if you didn't and didn't get the views I get I would not carry on blogging. But I'm a month into blogging and already have 1,129 views ( as of the 16th pf April at 7pm) and I don't know if that is a lot of views for having a blog for a month or not a lot but for me that is a lot and never did I think I would get that many views. 

I personally love blogging and I am going to carry on doing it. It's something that no one I know personally does it, none of my friends do it and I don't think any one I know does it either. I really appreciate all the advice I have got off other bloggers. I am so happy that Gem got me to write this and  thank you Gem, Emma, Liv and Amber who when found out incouraged me to write this blog.

Blog post that are coming up are:
The rest of my role model posts (one every week now)
April Wish list
McBusted one, I am just going to write about the concert and what I wore.
An Easter OOTD (My first one)
And I think maybe a What's in My School Bag as I go back to school next Tuesday!

So thank you all for your comments and views. If you have a blog please comment down below also follow me on-
Twitter @UnionJ5sos or one I don't use as much @AilishEl1zabeth
Instagram- @SprinkleOfAilish
Bloglovin- Ailish Elizabeth ( search it) 

Ailish Elizabeth xx 


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