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Hello, so this post is going to be about how you can personalise your bedroom to your own style, without people copying you or if you share a room to make it look like it is your room aswell as the person you share the room with. 

I have to share a room so I know the struggle of making your room your own and reacently me and my older sister redecorated our bedroom and that was one of the hardest things to do as we could not decide on the decor and what colour we were going to have it. We later decided on a blue wallpaper with pink flowers on a pale pink painted wall, as my favourite colour is blue and my sisters is pink. However we decided that because we our walls were two our favourite colours we would have our beddings our own favourite colours. So I chose to have a baby blue bedding with little roses on what worked well with the wallpaper and my sister got pink bedding with White Polk-a-dots on what also worked well with the wallpaper as it has little white Polk-a-dots over it. So that is how we decided on the colour theme of our room. 
Our bedding:

Also because we shared a room that had two beds in we only have a small space in our room and we have to share a wardrobe, what is never good. However we found an amazing wardrobe that looks like this (as I can not describe it) 

The top shelf we use as storage and on it we keep our box of nail varnishes as we love painting our nails and also some makeup that we don't wear every day and also some DVD's and CD's that are our favourites. These are always out the way what is good because sometime it can get messy. 
 On the other side of this shelf we keep any clothes we don't wear that much and some bags.

Now onto how you can make your room have a bit of your personality in it first of all I have a little name plate that my cousin got me on her wedding day, this hangs from my bed and my sister has a matching one. They are a lovely pale pink colour and match the room perfectly, this adds a bit of personality to my room because it is pink and shiny what in my eyes shows a girly girl, what I am. Also it has a meaning to it and brings back a lot of memories so I think it is perfect for my room. 

The next thing is again, heart shaped, pink and glittery. It is and earring holder, it is a darker pink so doesn't go with our room that much but I think it just brings our room all together and it also stands in the center of our window sill so it kind of splits our room in half and shows my half and Niamh's half. 

The next thing is something one of my friends bought me a couple of years ago and it is a little cup with LA on it, it is super cute. It sits on my bedside table and it normally has my in use lipglosses or lipsticks in. It always reminds me of my friend as we don't go the same school anymore and don't see each other as much as we would like. It also makes me determined to go to LA one day because she has told me so much about it and it looks amazing! 

The final thing is product boxes! I know strange but if a product has a cute box then it needs to be on display. I have three boxes on display in my room, two pandora boxes and a Vivienne Westwood box that stores my ear rings ( my pandora box stores my braclets). I think it makes your room very cute and also it shows things you love, for me jewlary, it also helps you remember to wear them!

So that is all for today's post if you were wondering what my wallpaper looks like 

Also these are just something's that I like to do. I hope you likespd this post.
Ailish Elizabeth x

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