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Hi guys!
I love Netflix, like nearly every single teenage girl in the world, I personally think it is amazing and there is always something to watch on it, from films to new tv series. I thought today that I would share with you some of my favourite things to watch on Netflix or just somethings I have watched on Netflix that I enjoyed!

TV Series
I will start with my favourite/ some tv series I have watched on Netflix.

Pretty Little Liars

Of course my favourite tv series on Netflix is Pretty Little Liars, I start watching this last year before it was on Netflix and it was such a struggle to watch it without adverts coming up and when it got put onto the UK Netflix earlier on this year I was so happy. I got to finish off watching series 5 on Netflix as well as every week being able to watch a new episode on Wednesday. That is one of the things I love about Pretty Little Liars being on Netflix, unlike other series on Netflix, these upload the new episode on Wednesday morning at 8am, so you will not have to wait for weeks or months to watch and be up to date with it.

If you are unsure about Pretty Little Liars and have never watched it, I really recommend you to watch it. I know a lot of people think it is super girly and never get past the first season, and I know the first season isn't the best and is a bit girly and personally the acting in it is not that good, but it does improve and get so much better. I get so excited for a new episode to come out weekly and can't wait for Wednesdays!

If you are wondering what it is about the Netflix description of it is...
Rudderless without their missing leader, four formerly tight high school friends band together when a blackmailer threatens to spill their dirt.
I found this description not too helpful and I personally thought i doesn't really tell you that much about Pretty Little Liars, my description would be it is about four best friends whose old best friend went missing and then a year later they all get a text from "A" who knows all the secrets and they have to figure out who "A" is, they nearly die and it can sometimes it gets you on the edge of your seat! 

Pretty Little Liars is my favourite tv series ever!

Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl is another series on Netflix, however this one has finished and it has the whole series on Netflix, though I have never finished it.  Gossip Girl is a super girly tv series and I think any girl would love it. Though if you are like me, you may get a bit bored of it as it doesn't really change an awful lot, and there are six series to just binge watch, what for me I can't sit there and watch six season of it, though I do really like it and when I am bored and have nothing to watch I will just put Netflix and carry on watching Gossip Girl. However, this summer have actually carried watching it and now I am up to season four and I am addicted to it!

Here is description of it
Gossip Girl, a ruthless and mysterious blogger reveals secrets about teens in upper east side New York. With roller coaster romances and piles of secrets hiding away for Gossip Girl to find, this show is sure to bring the upper east side and its drama into our lives.

The Returned 

I started watching The Returned the other month when the majority of the series was already on Netflix and it only had around two episodes to go till it finished, so I did spend my weekend binge watching it. It is a Netflix own series and I think it is an English speaking version of a French series so if you are french and watch it, you may think you have already saw it, you most probably have just with different actors. It is a bit different to Gossip Girl and Pretty Little Liars, but I do think it is really good and different and I could not stop watching it and each episode focuses on a different character, so you get to know them. It is also classed as a supernatural tv series so if you like stuff like that I would say go and watch it!

Here is a description I found of The Returned...
The Returned follows a town whose residents have their lives turned upside-down when their loved ones start to return from the dead.

That '70s show

That '70s Show was what I was watching in April, whilst I was off for the Eater half term. Niamh and I both started watching it and fell in love with it, it is a comedy with people like Mila Kunis, Ashton Kutcher and Topher Grace (ect). That '70s Show has now finished, but netflix has all seasons, from one to eight. 

Here is a description of That '70s Show I found...
Set in the mood ring and polyester era of the 1970s, the programme is a retro-hip situation comedy about an eclectic group of friends on the verge of adulthood. The group live in the suburbs of Wisconsin, where they yearn for independence amid the growing pains of becoming adults.

There are many films on netflix that I love, however today I am just going to share with you four of my favourites.

St. Elmo's Fire
I love this film, it is a '80s film, and like most '80s films, it is amazing! It is about a group of friends who have graduated from college and they are moving on it to adulthood and are all getting jobs and moving into new homes, and it is basically about them growing up. This film is so good, and it has amazing actors and actresses in, it has Judd Nelson and Emilio Estevez, who are also in The Breakfast Club, along with Ally Sheedy who is also in St. Elmo's Fire.
All in all this film is amazing, and here is a description I found of it:
Movie from eighties about a bunch of recent Georgetown grads that all frequent a bar called St. Elmo's. Starred Demi Moore, Rob Lowe, etc. In the movie, it explains that St. Elmo's Fire is a natural, atmospheric phenomenom that sailors mistook for lighthouse beacons, thus giving them reassurance that land was close. Something like a security blanket that gives comfort and reassurance in troubling times.

The Help
I recently watched this film in a history lesson the other week, and we only watched about half an hour of it, and I came home and had to finish watching it.  The film was such an eye opener and kind of shocked me and I did cry a bit. The film is set in 1960s, it is basically about the housekeepers or "the help" of the people who live in Mississippi and one of the characters Skeeter writes a book based on "the help" and uses their stories to make the book, she basically tells the story of what "the help" do.
Here is an actual description of the film:
In 1960s Mississippi, Southern society girl Skeeter (Emma Stone) returns from college with dreams of being a writer. She turns her small town on its ear by choosing to interview the black women who have spent their lives taking care of prominent white families. Only Aibileen (Viola Davis), the housekeeper of Skeeter's best friend, will talk at first. But as the pair continue the collaboration, more women decide to come forward, and as it turns out, they have quite a lot to say

I love G.B.F, it is such a girly film, a girly happy film.
I can't really explain what the film is about, it is kind of just about a boy who comes out as being gay and the whole school finds out and these three groups of girls fight for him to be their new best friend. The film stars, Sasha Pieterse, and Evanna Lynch.
A description of this film I have found is:
Social warfare erupts when three high school clique queens battle for supremacy: drama diva Caprice, Mormon princess 'Shley and blonde fashionista Fawcett. When unassuming Tanner is outted, he finds himself cast as the hottest new teen-girl accessory: The Gay Best Friend. The clique queens immediately pounce and makeover Tanner into their ideal arm candy, forcing him to choose between popularity and the true friends - including his own B.F.F. Brent - that he's leaving behind.

What We Did On Our Holiday
The final film is What We Did On Our Holiday, this is a bit different to all the other films. It is about a family whose parents are divorced, however they have to pretend they are still married, for a weekend trip to Scotland for their granddad's birthday. It is such a good film, it is very realistic and it is super funny but it does have its emotional bits.
Here is a description of the film:
Doug and Abi are taking their three children on a trip to Scotland for a big family gathering. They are in the midst of a difficult divorce, and have asked the kids to keep it a secret from their extended family. But as the inevitable feuds kick in, a completely unexpected turn of events involving the children causes further tensions to rise to the surface. And with the repercussions that ensue - hilarious and emotional in equal measure - the family are forced to put aside their differences and work together or else risk losing what they hold most dear.

So here are some of my favourite things on Netflix to watch, and I hope you liked it and maybe watch some of these things!

Ailish Elizabeth


  1. Lovely post, Ailish! My family actually don't have Netflix, but we're thinking about getting it. I definitely want to watch G.B.F.! It sounds like it's SO my style! Looking forward to your next post! xoxo

    1. Thank you! Oh, I don't think I could live without Netflix now, I watch everything on it! I love G.B.F, it is perfect just to make you smile!
      Ailish Elizabeth

  2. Just found your blog, it's so cute! I'm also obsessed with PLL, I've actually just finished all the episodes on Netflix! Great post :) x

    1. Thank you! I know, I love PLL, literally I am obsessed with it, I stayed up to watch the season six summer finale!
      Ailish Elizabeth

  3. I'm addicted to PLL! <3 I have no idea what I'm going to do when it ends... I can't even think about it, to be honest.
    ~ Sanjana

    1. I know! The thought of there only being a season and a half left scares me!!!!!!
      Ailish Elizabeth

  4. I'm addicted to PLL! <3 I have no idea what I'm going to do when it ends... I can't even think about it, to be honest.
    ~ Sanjana


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