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This is just a quick blog post tell you my top five favourite songs at the moment, that I have been listening to none stop this weekend. 

1- Disconnected- 5SOS
First is disconnected by 5SOS, if you love the 1975 then this song is just for you. The way it starts just sounds like The 1975 songs. 

2- Jack- The Vamps
I love this song so much, and the lyrics are just amazing. I was really upset to fin out that this won't be on the album and isn't on any of the eps, so if you want to hear it you have to listen to it on YouTube! 

3- Young&Beautiful- Lana Del Rey
As I said in the TMI Tag this is my favourite song and also my favourite Lana song. For some reason this weekend I have been listening to Lana non-stop and of course this song. It is so vintage and reminds me of the 1920's mainly because it is in the Great Gatsby.

4- Last Night- The Vamps
This is The Vamps latest single and in my eyes maybe the best (though I do like Wildheart, though I did like it before it was a single). As you might of guessed I love The Vamps so of course I love this song, the video is the best video out of all them.

5- This Is What Makes Us Girls- Lana Del Rey
Again another Lana song but she is perfect. This is kind of a slow song but in the background there is a fast pace, I just love it!

So all these songs in the post are some of my favourite songs at the moment and love all of them. I really recommend you go and listen to them.
That is all for now, Love
                        Ailish Elizabeth xx


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