Role Model: Demi Lovato|AilishElizabeth

Hiya guys, so this week I am going to put up I think four post dedicated to my role models, it will be me saying why I look up to them, why they are my role models, and also who I get my style and fashion inspiration off. So four days this week, including today, there will be a blog post up basically about my role models.

So today my role model I will be talking about is Demi Lovato. Demi is most probably my main role model and who I have looked up to for the longest time because I use to watch disney when she was on it and always have listened to her music. I think Demi is many teenage girls' role models just because of what she has been through. Also what makes her my role model is that she is not afraid to talk about her past and tell us about it what makes us feel a bit closer to her. As well as that she relates to her fans and on her old interviews you could tell she was just a normal teenager and in one she went " my shopping weakness is... anything and everything" what is the same for us. 

Also Demi's albums have got to be my favourite albums to listen to, they never get old and if you listen to the lyrics you can relate to them and they tell a story and also they quite personal and are about Demi's past.

Now on to fashion and how her style is just perfect. From the past years you can see Demi growing up in what she wears. I like the way her style is different to others but she is not afraid to go out in a pair of pants and a baggy top, like what we all wear when we are on the internet, lazy clothes. I also think that her tattoos are a part of her style and I love her tattoos, like I am not a big fan of tattoos but I love Demi's. My favourite ones have got to be the Stay Strong on her wrists they re just perfect and also the mocking birds/ humming birds on her forearm, they have got to be my favourite.

So that is some of the reasons why I love Demi and why she is my role model, hope you liked it and my next role model will be up tomorrow.


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