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Hey, although Blogmas is all about Christmas, I thought I would share with you today some of my favourite events/ things I have done this year, I think I did this last year, if I did I will link it at the end.

London Trip
As many of you might know, I went on a school trip to London in early October, and it was a really good trip, we did only go for one night but it was still a really good trip. One reason I loved it so much was because it was one of my last school trips I am going to go on, although did go on one the other day it was to a shopping center, so not really the same. I loved London and we did some really great things there, one of my favourites was going to see the Lion King and also Covent Garden. It was also nice just to spend time with people who you just get on with and a lot of us spend the majority of the night in one of my friend's room and it was some people I hadn't had a conversation with before and it was really nice. I have done a post on it, so I will leave a link to that:


I went to Whitby with my parents and my sister, Niamh, this summer and it was just a really nice week away from everything. It was such a cute little seaside town and where we stayed had a river flowing through the front with a train going past every morning, it was such a cute nice place to stay for the week, and I did no work and just relaxed.

I have been to a few concerts this year, and two that I have been to that I loved were The Vamps and also Bastille, which I don't think I have mentioned but I went in November as a birthday present off my mum and dad with Niamh. Both of them were really good concerts and The Vamps one, if you have not read the post, we went to see them twice and the first time we had tickets for upper tier and then two girls had two spare tickets for lower tier and they gave them to us, and the picture of Connor is the view from our seats with no zoom, so the seats were really good. I love going to concerts and this year these were my favourites.

I hope you liked this post, and comment below some of your favourite things you have done this year.


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