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It's Blogmas day 5, and today's post is all about the things you can do on the lead up to Christmas, because there are so many things you can do, and I always forget to do them, so now if you have nothing to during this week you can do some of these things.
So here are somethings you can do on the lead up to Christmas.

1. The first thing you could do is go to some Christmas markets, I think there is one in every city, and whilst you are there you can eat some nice Christmas food, drink warm drinks and also maybe buy some Christmas presents in the little stalls. Also, if you are not already in the Christmas spirit going to the markets hopefully will put you in them.

2.You could also go ice skating , again every city around Christmas normally has an ice rink and if not just go to your local ice rink, which might be better as they are in inside and are not as cold as the ones in the cities. I've got to say ice skating is not my favourite thing to do but it is a thing that a lot of people do around winter and Christmas.

3.A third thing you could do is have a Christmas movie day, this could be done on your own, with friend or with family, and you could watch all your favourite Christmas films and if you are like me and haven't had a time to watch many Christmas films this year because of work, it is now your time to relax and watch them. If you are having a Christmas film day remember you need hot chocolate and maybe some blankets, so it is all cosy and warm.

4.You can also do some Christmas baking, I know I will be doing some Christmas baking this week, after I finish school, Niamh and I normally do some baking on Christmas Eve for Christmas day and Boxing Day, obviously these don't have to be Christmas themed but it is always nice if they are, and whilst doing it you can listen to some Christmas music.

5. A fifth thing you could do on the lead up to Christmas is to go and see a Pantomime, I haven't been to a Pantomime since year 7 which was 4 years ago, so I haven't been to one in a long time. I really want to go and see one this year but I don't think I have anyone to go with, so I can't go, but you can! I think they just put you in a happy mood.

6.The final thing you could do is do some last minute Christmas shopping, which I will be doing. I think going shopping around Christmas is a lot different to going shopping any other time of the year, yes it is busier but there is a Christmas atmosphere which I love.

So, if you have already finished School for Christmas and are looking for something to do next week, or if you are still in school and finish soon, like me, and want to know what to do during the few days leading up to Christmas I hope this help you decide what to do.



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