Blogmas day 3, What I Love about Christmas| Ailish Elizabeth

Hello, for today's blogmas I am going to be sharing with you what I love about Christmas, because it is nearly Christmas and it is my favourite time of the year.

~ The first thing I love about Christmas is the Christmas spirit/ atmosphere, I feel like around Christmas everyone is in a happy mood and it just radiates off everyone making everyone happy, I just love it. Especially in school it gets to around the final week and everyone is just ready for Christmas.

~The Christmas Music, Christmas music is just a type of music everyone loves and just sings along, I have just been listening and singing to Christmas music since the 1st December. I have so many favourite songs that I will be sharing with you soon.

~The weather, I live in England, and wherever you live in England it is going to be cold. I love how cold it gets, although I do complain I do love how cold it is. 

~The shopping, I love shopping all year around, but at Christmas it is just different, it is very busy but that is what makes it so good. My Christmas school trip for my year is going Christmas shopping, and I have been looking forward to that trip since year 7 and now I am in year 11 I finally get to go.

~The new clothes, I get new clothes throughout the year, but Christmas my new clothes are really warm and cosy and really pretty, I look forward to wear them, I can't wait to wear my Christmas and Boxing day clothes.

So, there are some of my favourite things about Christmas, I hoped you liked it.


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