Blogmas day 2, The Winterlicious Tag| Ailish Elizabeth

Welcome back to blogmas, today's blogmas is going to be the Winterlicious tag, I hope you enjoy it.

Favourite winter nail polish?
I don't really wear nail polish that much anymore, but for winter I will normally wear a nude nail polish, or a red, but I don't really wear red nails that often.

Favourite winter lip product?
My go to lip product is a nude lipstick, I love my Mac Viva Glam 2, however for Christmas I would normally wear any new lipsticks I get for Christmas or a red lip and normally it is a dark red matte lip,

Most worn winter clothing piece?
My most worn winter clothing piece is my big checked coat, I love this now, when I first got it I loved it but then went off it, however this year I fell back in love with it. It isn't the warmest coat but it is super cute and looks really nice with a lot of the things I wear.

Most worn winter accessory?
My most worn winter accessory is my scarf, which I got off my sister for my birthday, I love it as i can wear it with anything and it keeps me so warm.

Favourite winter scent?
Cinnamon, I love cinnamon so much, I love Lush's The Magic of Christmas bubble bar, which is a cinnamon scented bubble bar, it makes me feel all cosy and christmassy.

Favourite winter beverage?
I love a cup of tea, but that isn't only just in the winter that is all year around. For winter I love white hot chocolate and white mochas, they aren't very festive but are really nice.

Favourite holiday movie?
I love Nativity, especially Nativity 3 for the song "Dude Where's my Donkey!". I also love the Santa Clause films, I think they might be my favourite.

Favourite holiday treat?
I really don't know, I love Cinnamon Swirls, but I can get them all year round. I am not a huge fan of Christmas food, so I am not too sure.

Favourite Christmas decoration?
We have a really nice white star that goes in the window, which I love and also we have some tree decorations which are from Disney that we got when I was little.

What's at the top of your wishlist?
At the top of my wishlist this year is a necklace from Tiffany's or a pair of black embroidered boots which I have fell in love with.

What are your plans for the holidays this year?
This Christmas is going to be like every Christmas, we stay at home on Christmas day and then on Boxing Day we go to my Uncle and Auntie's house.

Hope you enjoyed this and remember to come back tomorrow.


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