Blogmas day 4, My Favourite Christmas Songs| Ailish Elizabeth

Hi, welcome to blogmas day 4, today I will be sharing with you 5 of my favourite Christmas Songs, these are not my top 5 they are just 5 songs I love.

1. Stay Another Day~ East 17
This is such a good Christmas song, that doesn't really sound like a Christmas song, but is one of my favourites.

2. Santa Tell Me~ Ariana Grande
It is a new favourite of mine.

3. J5 Christmas Medley~ The Jackson 5
I heard this for the first time this year, and I love it, it has all the good Christmas songs in.

4. Do They Know It's Christmas?~ Band Aid
I think everyone knows and loves this and although One Direction are in the new version, I do prefer the original, but I will leave the link to both.

5. Dude Where's my Donkey?~ Nativity 3
This is not a real Christmas song, it is from Nativity 3 and I love all the songs in Nativity, like all three films, but this one just makes me happy.

I hope you liked this post, come back tomorrow and also comment some of your favourite Christmas songs.


  1. I would definitely recommend December by Ariana Grande. I also love Under The Tree by Kelly Clarkson. Lovely post, Ailish! x


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