Blogmas Day 1, Life Update|Ailish Elizabeth

Hey guys, welcome to Blogmas Day one!
I have decided to do 12 Days of Blogmas again this year, and I am so happy I have. Today's post is just going to be an update, just to tell you what blogmas posts I am going to be doing, why I haven't been uploading any posts recently and also about next year and my uploading schedule. 

So, to start with my blogmas posts, I am only doing 12 days of blogmas because I just couldn't do the full blogmas, I don't think I would have had enough posts to do or enough time to write them. The posts I will be uploading hopefully will be Christmas themed or posts about the overall year. I think I am probably going to do a gift guide and maybe my favourite Christmas films and songs again, but I am not too sure. There will also be a makeup look soon, I think that is going to be a Sunday post, and it is a red dark bold lip look, so you have that to luck forward to.

Now onto why I haven't been uploading and the reason for that is school. I went back to school in September and I knew that I would have a lot of work to do, but not this much. Basically, at the end of last year I had started a lot of my course work/ controlled assessments, but that was only the easy part of it. When I arrived back in school I had to finish off a lot of my controlled assessments and also start some new ones like my history and geography, the geography one wasn't that bad as we wrote it out in class and now I am only just typing it up and I have finally finished it. However, my history one is a write up in silence which we have to learn, and although that doesn't sound bad, it is. Finally, in November I had my mocks, which I was revising for around 2 weeks before and the week I was off in October I was revising so I couldn't write any posts, so that is why I haven't been uploading, sorry.

Next year my blogging schedule might be a bit like what the end of the year has been like, a posts every so often.  At the start of next year I have my more mocks, so obviously I will I have to revise for. I also have my chemistry controlled assessment to do. From around February a lot of my weekends will just be dedicated to revision and school work and sometimes I will be in school doing it other times just at home, as in May my exams start, as I start my GCSEs, my first exam is on the 15th May and my last is 23rd June. So yeah, next year my blog might not have many posts, but hopefully there will be some and in January I will be back to my normal uploading schedule for a little bit.

That is my blogmas day one, it is just an update but I thought I would start with some explaining, but remember to come back tomorrow for blogmas day 2.



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