Blogmas Day 8, Gift Guide for Girls| Ailish Elizabeth

Welcome to blogmas day 8, have you got all your presents sorted?
If not, don't worry, today I am going to share with you some of the best gifts for girls at Christmas, these are all perfect for a sister or a best friend, here they are.

Lush Gift Set
A Lush gift set is a perfect gift for anyone, because everyone loves Lush and a bath, so you can never go wrong with a Lush gift set, and if you are struggling to pick a gift set everyone normally loves Candy Mountain or Snow Fairy so a box set with them is perfect.
This one has Snow Fairy shower gel and fun for £9.95.

Soap&Glory Set
Another set that everyone loves is a Soap&Glory box and every Christmas you normally will end up with one gift set or at least something Soap&Glory which will last you the whole year.
This one is Foam & For-tune and the box actually sings to you, and it is £16.

MAC Lipstick
A MAC lipstick is something every girl should own and I think they would be so happy to open this on Christmas, and it would be really good if you knew what shade of lipsticks they like to wear and get one that shade, because you don't want to get a red one if they only wear nudes.
MAC lipsticks retail at £15.50

A Mug
This might sound weird, but I love getting new mugs, and then being able to use them all for different things, for example I use my 16 one for tea and my Tinkerbell one for hot chocolate. I just think getting a mug for someone is a nice gift, especially if you know they like hot drinks.
This is a really cute mug and I really want to buy it, it's form Urban Outfitters and is £12.

Fairy Lights
I think every room looks so cute and pretty with fairy lights and every girl has room in their bedroom for fairy lights and wants them to make their room look like everyone they see on tumblr and instagram.
These are from Urban Outfitters and are little moon crescents and I think they look really cute, and are £22.

A Journal 
Everyone wants to be organised and getting someone a journal/planner for Christmas just predicts and organised year ahead. I've actually asked for this off my Mum and Dad for Christmas and I really hope I get it, it is from Ohh Deer's line with Urban Outfitters and is such a beautiful white marble print journal for £16.

So there it is, my Christmas gift guide for any girl, I hope you liked this, and remember to come back tomorrow for another post.


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