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Today's post is my 7th day of the 12 Days of Blogmas, and it will be my Christmas Wishlist, I asked on Twitter with a poll if you would like to see this, and the majority of the votes said yes. Before I begin I just want to say I do not expect everything on my list, also this could help you with what you want for Christmas, if you don't know yet. So, here is my Christmas wishlist.

New Phone

The first thing on my wishlist is my main present, and that is a new phone, to be specific the iPhone 6s in Space Grey. Out of all the presents I am asking for, this is the one I want the most, mainly because I have had my current phone for 2 years this Christmas. I currently have the iPhone 5c, and it is a good phone, however is it becoming slow and also I have it in blue and although blue is my favourite colour, I really want a normal coloured phone. I love iPhones, so I do want to stick with having an iPhone.

Polaroid Camera

I have wanted a Polaroid camera for a while now, and I have finally asked for one for Christmas, though I am unsure if I will get one. I am still undecided on what Polaroid camera I would like, there are two that I wouldn't be bothered if I got either, the first one is the Instax Mini 8, if I got this I would like it in baby blue, as that is my favourite colour, this is the Polaroid nearly everyone has, if they have one. The other one I want is the Instax Mini 90, Neo Classic,  if I got this one, I would like it in the black and silver, this one has a few more features than the 8, you can change the modes, make the pictures look better and switch off the flash. The reason I would like a Polaroid camera, is because I love taking pictures and having them up in my room, if you didn't know I have a board in my room that I have many pictures on, however I always forget to print off my pictures, so I think it would be so good to have them printed instantly.

 I would like a few makeup products for Christmas, the first one is...

Too Faced Natural Eye Palette

I really like this palette, I think the eye shadows in this are so wearable and they look super pigmented. It comes with nine different eye shadows, and all of them look amazing. Since I got the Naked 2 palette last year for Christmas, I have been wearing eye shadows all the time, and I think it is time for my to start wearing different eye shadows.

Eyeko Eye Do Mascara (Alexa for Eyeko)

I really like this mascara, and have been meaning to buy it for myself all year, but I never do, however i have asked for it for Christmas, and I'm hoping I get it. The mascara itself looks amazing, as well as the packaging, I love it. Another reason why I really want this mascara, is because it is from Alexa Chung's range with Eyeko, if you don't know, I love Alexa Chung, for many different reasons, one of them being her makeup always looks amazing, if this makes my mascara look as good as hers, then I will be happy.

Eyeko Me and My Shadow (Alexa for Eyeko)

This product is also from the Alexa Chung range, and a shadow stick. I have asked for this in the shade Taupe, I think this will be the best shade for me, as it is a shade I would wear a lot, and not one I would wear like once or twice.

Liz Earl Cleanse and Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser

For Christmas, i have also asked for the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish, I have never used this before, however I have heard so many good reviews of this. I really want to try this out, especially as I have recently been having bad break outs, and they will go but they will be back in like a weeks time, so hopefully me stop having break outs.

Curling Wand
Since my hair is a medium length now, I have my hair in curly waves nearly everyday, as it is so easy to do. However, I am currently using my sister's curling wand and it is good, but it isn't the best for my hair, as it isn't one size and I would like a curling wand that is one size. This was actually the first thing I asked for this Christmas, and I don't have a specific brand or type of curling wand, just that is is all the same size.


As many of you know, if you read my blog every week, the perfume I have asked for this Christmas is the Marc Jacobs Dot Perfume, if you don't know this is my favourite perfume and I got this for the first time last Christmas and nearly used all of it, so I do need a new one.

Phone Case and Screen Protector

Since I am getting a new phone for Christmas, hopefully the 6s, I have asked for a phone case for it, I really want a Skinny Dip London, though I am thinking of buying that myself as I am unsure at the moment what case I would like, though there is one I am in love with. But, I have asked for just a clear case for the phone, as I don't want to leave the house without a case on it. I also would like a screen protector for it, I don't have a screen protector on the phone I have now, and though it has got a scratch or two on, I haven't smashed it, though I have dropped it a lot. So, if I do get the 6s, I do want a screen protector on it, specifically a glass one, I am not too sure how these work, I just know it is another layer protecting your phone. I think I have got this as when talking to my Dad about cases and screen protectors, the glass screen protector always ends up in the conversation.

Dressing Gown

The final thing I am going to mention, that I would like, is a dressing gown. I do own a dressing gown, but is is a short one and it is weird and always twisted and I think a bit too big, so I would like a new for Christmas. I am not really bothered what type, I would just like it to be longer and soft and comfortable.

I hope you liked this post, this might of helped you, or you have just saw some of the things I would like for Christmas, comment down below somethings you would like for Christmas. Remember to come back tomorrow for another post.

Ailish Elizabeth


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