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Today, I will be doing a gift guide post for friends or best friends, I find sometimes buying presents for friends can be kind of hard as they may like different things to you, or you don't want to get them same, so here is a gift guide to help you. I am only going to share with you a few gifts you can get your friends.

Soap&Glory Once Upon a Lime
Every year Soap&Glory come out with these gift boxes, normally with their signature scent, however this year and last year they do them in their Sugar Crush scent, and everyone loves this scent. In the box they come with five mini products, one of them is a body polisher and the four are a body butter, body scrub, a body wash and a hand cream (hand food). I personally think this is a great gift.

Soap&Glory Belle Of The Ball
This is another Soap&Glory gift, this time it comes in a ball with again five products, one of them being a body polish sponge and the four being the Smoothie Star body wash, Smoothie Star, Breakfast Scrub body smoother, Rich and Foamous Shower and Bath body wash and finally the Smoothie Star Hand Food. This is another one of Soap&Glory's most loved scents and I think anyone would be happy to receive this as a gift.

Jack Wills Body Spray Trio
I think this is a great present if you and your friends are like me and my friends, we always will rob or ask one of our other friends if we could have some of their spray after science lessons or pe, because we always forget ours. This comes with three different scents, the Signature Body Mist, the English Velvet Body mist, and the Hope Cove Body Mist. I have never used any of these, so I could not tell you what any of them smell like but they are described as "A Soft, undeniable cleanliness true to Jack Wills style." From this I think they will be kind if subtle scents.

Ted Baker Mini Treasures
This, again is another product I have not used, though I have used some other Ted Baker scents and gift sets and I like the scents but for me they are a bit too powerful, so if your friend is someone who likes strong floral scents, then this is a gift for them. In this you get four products, they are a body wash, a body soufflé, a body spray, and bubble bath.

Jack Wills Lip Kit
This comes with four lip crayons, that range from a nude to a baby pink, a coral, all the way to a bright pink. This is a great gift if you have a friend who loves to wear lip stick and likes to change the shade she wears everyday.

Soap&Glory Winter Wonderhand
This is the final gift I am going to tell you about. In this you get three different hand foods. One of the hand foods will be the Sugar Crush scent, the next Smoothie Star scent and finally the original Pink scent.

Hoped this helped some of you with what you could buy your friends for Christmas, or for what you could buy a family member.
Hope you liked this post, come back tomorrow for a new blog post.
Ailish Elizabeth


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