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Hey, today is going to be my day 2 of the 12 Days of Blogmas, and it is going to be my Christmas Playlist, I will be sharing with you some of my favourite Christmas songs.

East 17
~Stay Another Day
One of my favourite Christmas songs is Stay Another Day by East 17, though many people disagree with me and say this isn't a Christmas song, but I think it is and I think it is such a good Christmas song. If you have not heard this then I recommend you go and listen to it now. The song is about one of the members cousins who passed away, it is for him. Both me and my older sister, Niamh love this song and for me it isn't Christmas until I hear this song.

Ariana Grande
~Santa Tell Me
This is one of the new Christmas songs I love, it came out last December. Though it isn't one that you hear an awful lot, I still love hearing it and it of course puts me into a Christmas spirit. I also love the video, if anyone watches Scream Queens, is the house the video is filmed in is that Kappa Kappa Tau, that all the girls stay in, if it isn't it looks identical.

Jasmine Thompson
~Last Christmas
I have recently came obsessed with list cover of Last Christmas, I've been hearing it a couple of times, when I have been in Boots and New Look and I really liked it, so when I came home I found out who's cover it was and I have been listening to it non stop, it is such a good cover.

Justin Bieber
~Drummer Boy
Justin Bieber's Christmas songs/album were the first Christmas songs I listen to this year, and these two are my favourties I think, they just put me in the Christmas spirit. I don't know anyone who doesn't love a bit of Justin Bieber and Justin Bieber at Christmas time, what is better.

The Pogues featuring Kirsty MacColl
~Fairytale Of New York
This song is Christmas in a song, everyone loves it and it just makes me so happy. I will be so shocked if someone hasn't heard this song, because it is not Christmas until this song has played.

Jona Lewie
~Stop The Calvary
This song reminds me so much of Christmas Eve and Christmas day, when normally me or Niamh have the music channel on and all the Christmas songs are on, this one is always on and always one of my favourites.

Paul McCartney
~Wonderful Christmas Time
Though I am not a fan of Paul McCartney and don't really like him, this song is another song that is always on at Christmas and on Christmas day, and I love it.

Shakin' Stevens
~Merry Christmas Everyone
This is the final song, on my Christmas playlist, and it is one of my favourites. When I was in year five and year six at the end of our Christmas play we did a dance to this song, and the song just makes me so happy, and every time I sing it or hear the song I have to try and stop myself from doing the dance.

Hope you all liked this post, comment below you favourite Christmas songs, me and my friends have been singing these songs at lunch and in the morning and just through out the school day, we are really excited for Christmas.

Ailish Elizabeth


  1. Stay another day is shit lad

  2. Fairytale of Newyork is personally my fave Christmas song!! I'm glad you agree☺️ Brilliant blogpost Ailish!! As always ����. Enjoy the rest of blogmas ������������

    1. Thanks! The song will always remind me of you now since the RE lesson you tried to get us to learn the lyrics. Thanks for reading and commenting
      Ailish Elizabeth


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