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Hey, for my day 6 of my 12 Days of Blogmas, I will be another gift guide, this time it is for your sister, if you don't have a sister, maybe this will be good if you have a best friend who you class as a sister, or a cousin.

Golden Wonder Lush Gift Box
~ £8.95
I think a Lush box is a great idea for a Christmas present, all you really need to know is what type of scents your sister or friend likes. I think this a really good box, as it comes with two bath bombs, what Lush is most known for and they are both Christmas scents, it comes with the Golden Wonder bath bomb and the Star Dust bath bomb.

Skinny Dip London
I think anything from Skinny Dip London is a great Christmas present for a girl, the website is full of different things you could get as a gift, here is a link to the website: and here some items on the website that I think will be perfect for your sister.

Silver Saffiano Purse
~ £15
I know a purse sounds a bit weird for a Christmas present, but I think if your sister is someone who is always on the go, and always has their purse with them, they will need a good purse that will last a long time and is really pretty and that is what the purse is. This purse is perfect, it has a place for cards as well as a place for your coins and notes.

Phone Cases
~ £6-£20
I could not pick one phone case off Skinny Dip London, as they all are amazing. They have phone cases for the iPhone 5 to the iPhone 6s plus and they also have cases for the samsung S5 and S6. I really want to get a phone case from Skinny Dip London and I am thinking of ordering one after Christmas when I have my new phone, I already know what one I want. If your sister is always on her phone and loves having a case on it, then maybe get her one of these.

Makeup Bags
~ £12
Again, there where too many to pick from, but they have amazing makeup bags, that are a good size, they look like they will fit a lot of makeup in and also look like they will be easy to wash if any makeup goes on them. If you are feeling like a kind sister you could get them a makeup bag and fill it with chocolate and sweets or if you are feeling like a generous sister then you could maybe put some of your sisters favourite makeup items in or nail varnishes.

Essie All I Want For Christmas Gift Box
~ £24.99
The final present on my gift guide is a nail varnish set, I think this is a perfect gift idea, this one is actually so nice, you get five nail varnishes, in such pretty shades. However if you don't want to get this one or you can't find a nail varnish gift set, you could just buy a few nail varnishes from a brand you know your sister likes their nail varnishes, but if it was me I would buy a brand I like in shades I like so I could use them too.

I hope this helped you with finding a late gift for your sister or friend, remember to come back tomorrow for another post.

Ailish Elizabeth


  1. I wish my brothers were reading this!
    Lovely post!
    Clare xx

    1. haha, thank you, also thank you for reading and commenting, hope you had a lovely Christmas!
      Ailish Elizabeth


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