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Hey guys! Here is a surprise blog post! I thought since I am off and have time to do more blog posts, I would do a long waited for Music Monday! (for you Amber, as I know it is your favourite!)
Today's Music Monday is going to be on some of my favourite covers...ever!
These aren't all my favourite covers, these are just ten of them and they are in no particular order!
So, here they are!

Maps-Maroon 5 
(MAX, Alyson Stoner and Kurt Schneider)
I love this cover as they haven't changed the song too much and it is really fun! Also the video is really good! I love the covers that MAX and Alyson do together, if you don't know who Alyson is, she was in Zack&Cody, Cheaper by the Dozen, Alice upside down and Camp Rock!
"Sweater Weather"-The Neighbourhood
(MAX, Kurt Schneider and Alyson Stoner)
This is another cover by MAX, Alyson and Kurt, however this is a lot slower and when the cover came out I would listen to it on repeat, it is that good. The other year a lot of people were doing covers of Sweater Weather, but a lot of them weren't that good and I fell in love with this cover as soon as I saw it!
Shake It Off- Taylor Swift
(Alex G & Alyson Stoner)
Again, I love this cover as it is really fun and for some reason it reminds me of summer and colourful, a lot of the Shake It Off covers on youtube are acoustic and very slow, unlike the song, so again this didn't change the song too much. It is a bit cheesy, but really good!
Disney Medley- Alex G & Peter Hollens
This amazing! Especially if you love Disney, like me then you will love this cover/medley it is so good and the change between two songs is so good!
Cups- Pitch Perfect
(Sam Tsui, Alex G, Kina Grannis, Kurt Schneider)
I know cups is an old song and this is an old cover and everyone has done it! However this one is amazing, it is so complicated and I just get confused by watching it!
Blank Space//Style- Taylor Swift
(Louisa Wendorff)
This is just amazing! It is a mash up of two Taylor Swift songs off 1989, two of my favourite ones too. It is two people singing it, one singing Blank Space the other singing Style, I could not do that, one as I can't sing but two because I would just get confused.
Skinny Love// Birdy's version
This just a perfect cover and the video is so cute, I just love this song and her voice singing it!
I Really Like You- Carly Rae Jepson
(Shawn Reynolds& Hannah)
This is such a good cover of this song and it is one that doesn't change the song too much if anything! It is again a summer song and makes you feel summery!
Big Girls Cry- Sia
(Sarah Close)
I love Sarah Close, her covers are my favourite, I could listen to them all day, I just listen to them on a playlist. Also, Big Girls Cry is one of my favourite Sia songs, so this cover was just perfect!
Hold The Back The River- James Bay
(Only The Young)
I love Only The Young and have done for years, before they went on the X-Factor, when they were hardly known and all had their own twitter accounts. This is one of my favourite covers by them, it is so good and it was dedicated to Parisa's mum, who sadly died last December. I may have cried when watching it!

So these are some of my favourite covers, I hope you liked it and maybe comment some of your favourite covers, that I could watch/listen to.

Ailish Elizabeth



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