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Hey guys! Today, I will be doing a tag blog post, I don't really do these that often, however, I was tagged to do this Spring tag (nearly a month ago) by one of my favourite bloggers, Katie (http://katielou99.blogspot.co.uk/) who also created this tag! So here are my answers to the questions!

1. Favourite Spring Lip?
I don't really have a Spring lip gloss or anything, I normally stick to the same lip gloss/stick, or the same kind of shades. The one shade of lip gloss I normally go towards is a nude/pink and lately I have been wearing a dark nude lip. It is the Barry M Gelly Hi Shine Lips in Orion or shade 6. It is so nice, and it lasts a long time with out wearing off.


2. Favourite Spring Eye Make up Look?
Recently, I haven't been wearing that much on my eyes, other than a little bit of mascara, as I have hay fever and my eyes get itchy and irritated. Because of this, it normally will make the eye make up go in my eyes or just fall down. But, if I was to wear some eyeshadow, it would be a neutral look, and the eye shadows I would use would be Foxy, Half Baked and Booty call, from the Naked 2 pallet.

3. Favourite Spring Nail Polish?
I am someone who normally always has their nails painted, does them every night and doesn't like having chipped nails or no nail polish on. However this, especially these last months, I haven't been wearing that much nail polish. But the last nail polish I did wear (nearly a week ago) were both Rimmel 60 super second shine nail polishes in,  Breakfast in Bed (a mint colour) and Danny Boy Blue (Royal blue).

4. Spring trend you are most looking forward to?
The main thing I love about spring are the colours and patters, so pastel colours and floral print. I can't wait to wear more mint and pink because since around September last year I have been wearing black skinny jeans, black and white tops, black chelsea boots and burgundy and greens, so I can't wait to add a little bit of colour to my wardrobe.

5. Spring Must Have?
I think Spring and Summer are for cute sandals and shoes and this year is no different, if you don't know last year my sandals were JUJUs and I loved them. Well this year they are white caged sandals and I'm in love with them. I think they are kind of vintage looking, not too much. I think they go with everything and I'be been wearing them none stop!

6. Favourite Spring Colours? 
For the first time ever (I think) one of my favourite spring colours is white and cream, I love them and think they are very simple and I really want a white skater midi skirt, it would be so simple and cute. I also like mint and of course one of my favourite colours ever blue and baby blue!

7. Are you a Spring Cleaner?
Kind of! I'm not a very tidy person, though in school I am, I hate mess in school and mine and Amber's table in maths is always tidy. But at home, I'm trying to organise my room more and it is tidy but it isn't normally. But, my bed is always made and after school my make up is always put away, but my bag is normally left in the middle of the room.

8. Favourite Flowers at Spring Time?
Though I love floral prints, I'm not really a big fan of flowers and don't know that much about them. But, I think my favourite flower might be a daisy, I don't know why, they are cute, especially the ones with pink in the petals.

9. Favourite Brand of Easter Egg?
This shows how late I am doing this tag, but I think my favourite brand of Easter Eggs is Cadburys, because they engrave stuff to their chocolate egges!

10. Overall Favourite Thing About Spring?
The not too bright colours and the not too warm weather!

So I hope you liked this post! Thank you Katie for tagging me!

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