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Hey guys! Today I am doing a OOTD, I haven't done a basic OOTD is ages, so I thought I would just do one! 
The other day I went the beach with Amber and Liv: as the weather in the UK has been really nice (not today though) and there was only a little bit of wind, but it still wasn't the weather to get a tan in, however it was still really nice and this is what I wore:
Playsuit: *
Blazer: New Look
Bag: Accessorize 
My hair was suppose to be a bit wavy, however I did the braids on dry hair so it just had a bit of a wave.
On my lips I am wearing the Barry M Gelly Hi Shine lips in Orion (shade 6).
Here is a cute little picture of Amber, Liv and I at the beach before we went home.
This was the view from the top of one of the sand dunes.

*I am not too sure, as I got it last year, but it is super comfortable and cute!

Ailish Elizabeth


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