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Hey guys, today's post will be on some of my favourite lip products of this season so here they are.
So first lip gloss that I have been wearing non stop this spring is Tanya Burr's lipgloss in First Date. I mentioned this in my April Favourites and how I did not intend to buy this one however it is perfect and such a cut baby pink colour.
Second loving wearing on my lips is just the Lush Lip Scrub in Bubblegum and the Nivea soft rose. I wear these together as the lip scrub just moisturizes your lips really well and leaves them feeling fantastic and also it taste and smells amazing. I have been using it for years now and I love it. Then I like to apply the Nivea soft rose lip balm on top, just because it adds a bit of a tint to your lips and also hydrates them. Also I have been getting really bad chapped lips lately, even though it is spring and I have just been applying the lip balm on its own, and it work for 20 to 30 minutes but then go chapped again. Then I tried putting on the lip scrub first then the lip balm and it works amazingly, I use it through out the day but also at night and I wake up with super moisterised lips. 
The third is something that I am a bit in the middle with it is Collection Cream Puff lip cream in the shade fairy cake. It is a matt lip gloss with no gloss or a liquid lipstick but it isn't liquid so I am a bit confused on what it is, however it is pretty coral colour what is perfect for spring but the only thing is it doesn't leave my lips moisterised like it says it does.
So the next two are together and that is because they are Baby Lips, I love Baby Lips. I have three baby lips but two are in the same shade, I got my first baby lips in Cherry Me when they came out in the UK last year as I thought it would be the only colour I would like out of all them however for my birthday in November Liv bought me two babylips, one in Cherry Me and the other in Peach Kiss. I never thought I would like Peach Kiss just because it wasn't a shade that appealed to me and I thought it would leave my lips brown but it doesn't and I love it more than Cherry Me. Now I wear these most days and half way through them in six months and they are my go to lip product, is it a tinted lip balm or are they lip sticks, please tell me. They are two complete different colours aswell, Cherry Me can be a shocking hot pink if you apply alot but also a lovely calm pink if you apply a little bit however Peach Kiss is a super cute neutral nude colour tht looks amazing all the time and goes with everything.

Here are little swabs of them going from the furthest away (by my hand) to the closest (at the top of my forearm.)
1- "First Date"- Tanya Burr
2- "Soft Rose"- Nivea Lip Balm
3- "Fairy Cake" - Collection Cream Puff
4-"Cherry Me"- Baby Lips (Maybelline)
5- "Peach Kiss" - Baby Lips (Maybelline)

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