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Hey guys, today if you have guessed by the title or by pictures I am going to be showing/telling you how to achieve the cutest beach waves, with out using any heat/ hardly any heat. Yes, I know it is a super simple hairstyle but a lot of people in my school asking me how I do it, as it does not look like normal wavey hair, when you sleep in plaits.
So the first thing you need to do (you don't have to though) is dry your hair,as I personally like to do it on damp hair. I dry till it partly dry, so it is still a bit damp, and I personally like it a bit damp as it just makes sure your layers do not fall out of the weave or plait if you do a plait. 

Then what I like to do is split my hair in two, from my center part. Then what I like to do is do the weave in the center of the parts, just above my ears, I just do that because it is even and the front hair goes wavey, as if I do the weaves at the back my front hair is kind of flat. You can do your hair in two simple plaits, a french braid or a dutch braid, I have been doing it in a french braid lately, however putting your hair in two damp dutch braids makes it look like loose fallen out curls, what is so pretty. Then once I have put either my plaits or braids in I like to pull each stitch apart a bit and baggy them out, this just makes them look more natural and you don't get the little tiny waves that makes it look fake and not natural.Then I just relax with my hair like that and then go to sleep with my hair like that. If you are doing the braids, don't go from your roots start the braid online with your eyes or eyebrows just as it looks a but more soft and summery.
They can end up in many different ways, they could end up in soft waves like this picture above, I think it looks super cute and perfect for school.

Or what I did for the one above is I brushed out the waves a bit, so it looks like a messy straight hair look but still has a bit of waves in. Then all I did with my hair was do I half up half down look and added a scrunchie, of course and looks perfect for the English spring time.
Another hairstyle you can do is make them look like loose curls, by having the dutch braid in. It is great for a smart or fancy look, I wore it to go shopping with my friends and it felt like summer, though it was windy.
Finally you can just style it in a messy pony tail, this is what I do during school when my hair is annoying me it either is thrown up into a messy pony tail or in a dutch braid down my back. To make it look a bit more cute add a scrunchie and it looks ten times better.

So guys that is how to get these super cute beach waves, they are perfect for spring and summer and I love them. Go and try them out , tweet me at @UnionJ5SOS or send me a picture or follow me on instagram @SprinkleofAilish
Hope you enjoyed this post,
Ailish Elizabeth


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