I'm Becoming Organised!|AilishElizabeth

Hiya Guys! 
So as you can tell by the title I am becoming organised. That may not make sense but what that means is that I have a schedule that I will go by and update on the right days.
So the day that I will be updating my blog on is a... SUNDAY!
Though this post and the one before aren't on the right days. I would also like to upload either twice or three times a week sometimes, so if I do it will be on a Sunday then either Monday or Friday or Saturday, I am not sure yet.
I will also, maybe writing my blogs a week before they are uploaded, I have done that with my last few, it is just easier as I have school and sometimes like this weekend I forgot to write a post to upload.
I also have a few posts that are being planned out but have not been wrote yet. If you want to request any post just comment them below and I will get around to doing them. Finally, if you have a blog, comment them down below, because I love reading blogs, especially on days when I am off, like this week, I love reading blogs in the morning,

Ailish Elizabeth



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