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A midweek post! Today's post is going to be another Simple Halloween Makeup, it is my second one this year, there will be another being uploaded on Thursday, that will be a collab. I have done a Vampire look today, that is super simple, but very nice too, I hope you like it!
This is what the look is like, very simple and classic.
        The Makeup
    Here is the makeup I used for the look:
~Seventeen Phwoarr Paint, in shade Fair
~Rimmel London Match Perfection Foundation, in shade 010 Light Porcelain. 
~Seventeen Miracle Matte Powder
~Maybelline Master Sculpt, in shade 01 light to medium
~Benefit Speed Brow
~Accessorize Eye shadow palette
~Naked Two Palette
~Benefit They're Real Mascara
~Rimmel Apocalips Matte, Meteoric Matte

      Like always, I started my makeup with a clean face, I firstly applied my concealer under my eyes and on any spots. The I put on my foundation, Rimmel Match Perfection, in shade 010 Light Porcelain, this is the lightest shade, what is good for this look, as you want to be a palest you can be. I then powdered, making sure my makeup was matte and wasn't dewy. After that I used my Maybelline Master Sculpt, I only used the contour and contoured a lot, but make it natural. Then I did my eyebrows using my Benefit Speed Brow, and then applied my eye makeup. Finally applied my lipstick, the Rimmel Apocalips matte, in Meteoric matte, as I though it made the make up look very classic.
       Eye Makeup
      The eye makeup is the easiest thing to do. Firstly I applied Tease, from the Naked Two Palette, I put this all over my lid. After that I applied Busted, again from the Naked Two Palette in my crease, as well as Blackout. After using them I put on the dark purple from the Accessorize palette, I applied this from my crease upwards, as well as the purple-ish brown shade from the palette. I blended all these together and dotted the dark purple around the top of my eyes again, just to look bruised and dead. Finally, using the black and dark purple I lightly pressed it under my eyes, again creating dead bruised look. After using eye shadow I put on my mascara, the Benefit They're Real Mascara.
That was what the makeup looked like, for the hair I would curl it and put it all to one side. If you want to do more with your hair, I put my hair in a side part, and the side with less hair I braided it back, in a dutch braid and clipped it at the back to the side. I then teased my hair and made it look more messy.

There is my second Halloween makeup look of this year, comment down below what you are being for Halloween, if you are doing anything, I hope you all have a Happy Halloween! Finally, keep your eye out for my collab Halloween makeup look going up on Thursday!

If you haven't saw my fairy makeup look, from Sunday, here it is:

Ailish Elizabeth


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