Simple Fairy Halloween Makeup Look|Ailish Elizabeth

Today's post is going to be a simple Halloween look that everyone and anyone can do, this is more of a cute Halloween look, rather than a scary one, however there will be a blog post later on this week with a simple Vampire makeup look.

This is what the makeup looks like, it is a soft look and is super quick to do.

The makeup I used for this look were:
~Seventeen Phwoarr Paint, in shade Fair
~Rimmel London Match Perfection Foundation, in shade 010 Light Porcelain. 
~Seventeen Miracle Matte Powder
~Maybelline Master Sculpt, in shade 01 light to medium
~Sleek Blush by 3, in Pink Lemonade (shade Pink Mint)
~Benefit Speed Brow
~Accessorize Eye shadow palette
~Ted Baker Eye Shadow glitter
~MUA white eyeliner, snow white
~Benefit They're Real Mascara
~Collection No Clumps Mascara
~Tanya Burr Lip gloss, in First Date

Of course I started with no makeup on, and the first thing I did was apply my concealer, I applied this under my eyes, on my spots and anywhere else that needed it, after that I put on my foundation. I used the Rimmel Match Perfection foundation, this has a bit of a dewy finish, what was perfect for this look. I then lightly powder my face with the Seventeen Miracle matte powder. Then I used my Maybelline Master Sculpt, I applied the contour under my cheek bones, and around my face, then applied the highlighter at the top of my cheeks, down my nose and on my cupid's bow, I applied a lot of highlighter, as I wanted dewy highlighted look. Next, was my blush, I used Pink Mint, what is a soft baby pink shade from my Sleek Blush by 3 palette, I applied this to the apple of my cheeks. Finally I used my Benefit Speed Brow, just to add a bit of shade to my eyebrows.
        Eye Makeup
      Now onto my eye makeup, I used the Accessorize Eye shadow palette. Firstly I applied a turquoise eye shadow as a base on my lids, all over. Then I used the light purple and applied that lightly in the crease, blending it with the turquoise. Then I mixed together the light purple and the glittery light pink, I applied this from my crease upwards and outwards, applying more pink that purple. Finally I applied the white glittery eye shadow and applied that on my brow bone and in the inner corner of my eyes.  I then applied the white eye liner on my lower tear duct, making my eyes look a bit bigger. Finally, I put on my mascara, Benefit They're Real mascara on my top lashes and Collection No Clumps mascara, on my lower lashes.
That is my simple Fairy makeup look, I hope you liked it, for hair I would just have it in loose waves or curled and have it fully down or half up half down. Also, keep an eye out for my second Halloween makeup look going up later on this week.

Ailish Elizabeth


  1. I so need that sleek blush palette, its gorgeous! Beautiful look xxx

    1. Thank you! That sleek blush palette is amazing, I highly recommend it, all three shades are lovely, though my favourite is icing sugar, what is a coral~ish pink!
      Thank you for reading and commenting
      Ailish Elizabeth

  2. I so need that sleek blush palette, its gorgeous! Beautiful look xxx

  3. All people are very excited about some new Halloween makeup look as the Halloween week has begun.

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