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Hey guys! 
I'm uploading on a Saturday what I normally won't do, however today's blog post is a little different, it is a monthly favourites, but it is a collab with Frances from Royally Rouge, what is one of my favourite blogs, and you should definitely go and read her blog straight after reading this! I know October is isn't over yet, but it is nearly the end, so I am going to share with you what I have been loving during the month of October.

Beauty Favourites
Maybelline Master Sculpt
(01 light to medium)
I purchased this at the end of last month and since then I have been using it nearly every single day. Since it is the lightest it does take a while to show up, however since I am very pale it looks okay on me. The contour really defines your cheeks, however the highlighter can be a bit too glittery at times, and you have to be careful how much you use. Other than that, I love this product.

Sleek Blush By 3 Palette
(Pink Lemonade)
If you have read my blog before, you will know I love this palette and wear it nearly everyday, and this month has been no different. However, this month I have started changing the shades I wear, I've been wearing all three. If you don't know my most used shade is Icing Sugar (the coral shade) and I would normally just wear that shade, but this month I've been using both Pink Mint (the light pink) and Macaroon (the cream blush). I think my favourite of the month has to be Macaroon, as it just adds a pink tint to my cheeks and also since it is a cream blush it feels super moisturising.
   Everyday essentials
Marc Jacobs Dot Perfume
This month I have been using my Dot perfume more that I normally do, as I wanted a change, as I normally wear my Taylor Swift Wonderstruck perfume. Dot, is a light scent, what I love as I hate strong perfumes, it's scent is creamy vanilla, as well as having a fruity and floral scent. It is a really light scent that smells amazing and is not too overpowering, personally to me this is a winter scent, so that is another reason I am using more this month than in previous months.

        Soap&Glory Hand Food
       (Sugar Crush)
       My next, essential favourite is my Hand Food in the scent Sugar Crush. I love hand creams and my favourite one has to be Hand Dream Super Cream, however recently I have started to use Hand Food. Last year Sugar Crush was my favourite scent, it has changed since then, but I still like the scent and the hand cream itself isn't too bad. Though, for me it isn't one I would keep in my school bag as it leaves your hands a bit slippery and you can't use your phone and hold a pen with it one for a good five minutes, at the least. But, it is a good hand cream for next to your bed, so before I go to bed and when I wake up I will apply this and it will make my hands feel super soft and less dry, especially in the autumn and winter months.


       Vivienne Westwood Earrings
       I normally don't do jewelry favourites, just because I don't wear an awful lot of jewelry, other than my Pandora bracelet or my Michael Kors Bracelet, however this month I have started wearing earrings again. One of my ear piercings is really low, and hangs down when wearing earrings, and it doesn't look that nice, though I love wearing earrings. So, this month when I went to see One Direction, I just put these earrings in and I loved wearing them and I wore them the next day for school and they never hurt and I got complements on them, so carried on wearing them. Though, I do take them out to go to bed and shower, just because I'm scared I am going to rip them out.

           Coloured Pens
          Again, this is another favourites I don't normally do, school favourites, however I thought I would this month. If you haven't read my last post, or you don't follow me on twitter, you will not know that on Monday I had my french writing GCSE and to remember 304 words/ 6 paragraphs and to learn them I wrote in one coloured pen per paragraph and then once I knew them I wrote them in black. This worked really well for me and when revising I normally will always use a coloured pen, as I remember the colours.

       This month, I am not going to go into depth or tell you all of my music favourites, just because, I am going to do a separate post for my music favourites, that should be up next Sunday, for now I am just going to share with you some of them.
~Perfect~One Direction
~Here~ Alessia Cara
~Love Me~ 1975
Revival (Deluxe) by Selena Gomez

There are my October favourites, I hoped you liked it, comment below your October Favourites, and don't forget to go to Frances' blog Royally Rouge.

Ailish Elizabeth


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