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On the night of the 17th March 2014 the blog post on AilishElizabeth was published, it was titled Sock Bun and it was a tutorial on how to do a sock bun and still to this day it is in my top ten most viewed blog posts!

The 17th March 2014, was St Patrick's day, it was a year after I had saw One Direction for the second time on their Take Me Home tour, and it was also the day that I had the idea to do a blog, I created my blog and I posted my first blog post! I would be lying if I said I had came up with the idea of AilishElizabeth, because I never, it was through three of my friends and I in the middle of a Geography lesson and some how the topic of me starting a blog came up. We came up with a name, colour scheme and even the blog post through out that day and night. I feel sorry for Gemma, as it was her on that night who got all the text and the snapchats from me asking what she thought of it and what I should do!

When I started my blog about three to five people knew about it and some of my best friends didn't find out about it till a least a week later. When people did find out I didn't really bother me and I kind of kept it a secret from most of the people in my school until a couple of months after I had started. I even hid it from my Mum, Dad and Older sister. But, now a lot of people do know about it and if people don't know about it, it isn't something I have to tell them.

My blog has over 7 thousand views and I can't even believe it and don't understand why my writing and opinions have been read that many times. I remember when I had around 220 views and 600 views and when I reached 1 thousand I couldn't believe it and I still can't! At least twice a week I will go onto my stats and see how many views I have had and be amazed.

I would like to thank every single person who reads this blog because if I had got no views after a year of doing it, I think I would have stopped. I would also like to thank Amber, Liv, Gemma and Emma (ect) because I know you may not read it all the time but at the start you did and you all told me it was a great idea that I was blogging, and you also sometimes help me come up with ideas for new blog posts!
I would like to say I am good a committing to stuff, but never did I think a year down the line I would still be blogging!

Ailish Elizabeth


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    1. Thank you! I can't believe it has been a year! Love your blog ️xx

  2. How do you gain blog views. Any tips?

    1. I'm not too sure, I just post it on all my social medias, that's all I do ️xx


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