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Hey guys!
So, today I am back with another monthly favourties, I can't believe February is already over!
I haven't got that many favourites this month, but I will still share some of the things I have been loving through the month of February.

My first favourite of February is the Garnier Pure Active Micellar Cleansing Water, this is just like normal micellar warter, that is a makeup remover, however it does not leave your face feeling oily or like it has water on it or anything
So my second favourite is a old favourite that I have started to relove, if you have read my blog since the start, you will know that I loved this last year. It is the Babylips in Cherry Me, what is a pinky red colour and just adds a bit or a lot (depending on how much you put on) of colour onto your lips. I love this, especially for school and also since I have been wearing a lot of dark reds, and since it will soon be spring I though I would start wearing lighter lip glosses.
I have to book favourites this month, the first book is Dangerous Boys by Abigail Haas. Last year I read the first book by Abigail Haas, Dangerous Girls, I loved Dangerous girls and is most probably one of my favourtie books ever! However, Dangerous Boys, didn't live up to how good Dangerous Girls was. This book is a teen thriller, about 2 brothers and one of their girlfriend, however at the beginning of the book you find out someone is dead, and through out the book you start to find out who is dead, who killed them and why.
The second book I read this month was Looking For Alaska by John Green, I know everyone has already read it, I have wanted to read this book for months, however I have always said, "Oh, I will read it next time" and finally next time came. I read this thinking oh, everyone loves this, I'm going to hate it! However, this is one of the best books I have ever read! I cried a lot whilst reading this, so have tissues ready when reading it! This book is about a boy called Miles, who goes to college and experiences new things and makes friends for the first time, he also falls in love with a girl called Alaska. But then something happens, and half of the book is about Miles and his friends trying to find out why something happened!
(Rubbish description on what happened, I may do a book review on it soon!)
Another favourite of mine is my new hair! If you didn't know, I got my hair cut the other week, and I love it! I love having my hair short because it is so easy to style. If you didn't know my hair use to be just past my ribs and was so hard to style, but now I just love it!

That is all my favourites for February, I know this is up late and there wasn't a post last week, the reason for that is because this post was suppose to be up last week but the internet wasn't working that good, and wouldn't let me upload it, sorry!
Ailish Elizabeth


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