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Hey guys,
today's post was actually suppose to be up last week, however on Sunday I didn't have time to write it as I was busy with school work and I was super tired, but I am going to upload it today anyway, as many of you wanted me to do this post.
So, as many of you may know the other week I went to see The Vamps twice, once with just my sister in Liverpool, and then again the following Saturday with my sister, her friend and Liv, one of my best friends in Manchester. Today I thought I would share with you what both concerts were like, as both were a little different. I am going to start with the Liverpool concert and then the Manchester.

The Wake Up Tour
Liverpool- 12th April 2016

On Tuesday 12th April The Vamps where in Liverpool for their concert, and Niamh and I actually didn't have tickets for this concert until the Friday before, as we already had tickets for Manchester. However, on the Friday before Niamh and I decided to get tickets for Liverpool, we got upper tier tickets and the tickets where actually in one of the back blocks,as they were only around £11. 

On the day of the concert we picked up our tickets a bit earlier from the box office and then went into town to waste some time. We went back over to the arena around 20 minutes before the doors opened, and in Liverpool they have around two stalls where they sell some of the merchandise outside, so you can get it before you go in, and it is a lot easier, so we bought our tour program, as we collect from every concert we go to. Then, we went to queue up, and this is when the strange thing happened, and I still can't believe it happened, two girls approached us and asked us where our seats where, and if we had seats in one of the back blocks in the upper tier. Me and Niamh both said, " yes, we are in block 8, what is in the upper tier." These girls then said that they had seats in block 15, what is the side of the lower tier and they also had tickets for the floor. The girls offered us the tickets for the lower tier, at first we were a little apprehensive and they started saying to us, "we can't sell them now, we would love you to have them, rather than them going to waste." Finally we said yes, and this most probably was the best thing we could of said, as these seats were amazing.
These were our new seats, our new seats where lower tier and only four rows back, as you can see in the picture our seats were close to the end of the stage where it came out into a T kind of shape, so when they came to the end of the stage, they were so close to us, I loved these seats.
As you can tell by these pictures the seats were amazing to take pictures from, and since I have a iPhone 6s I took some live photos of the concerts that are amazing, and I currently have one as my lock screen, of Tris playing the drums, as Tris is my favourite. That concert was amazing and The Vamps really know how to put on a show. Now on to Saturday's show in Manchester.

The Wake Up Tour
Manchester- 16th April 2016

The following Saturday I went to see The Vamps again, this time no just with Niamh, but also with Niamh's friend and my best friend Liv, who for the past two years the four of us have been seeing The Vamps together. 
We got the train to Manchester, and we arrived around two and a half hours before doors opened, so we spent a lot of the time walking around Manchester, mainly looking around the shops in the Arndale, which is a shopping center in Manchester, it took us a while to find a lot of the shops, especially Boots. I only one thing, I think, which was the NYX soft matte lip cream in Stockholm, I haven't got a picture or anything, but I will feature it a blog post soon, maybe a review or just in a favourites. 

After spending a lot of the time there, we made our way back the arena and got in and made our ways to our seats. This time we had upper tier seats, but I didn't really mind and I don't if it did, but the stage looked like it went out further than it did in Liverpool. 
We had a while once we got into the arena, as in Manchester the doors opened at 6pm instead of 6:20pm, so we had a bit of extra time. Whilst waiting we took a few pictures, and I actually took my Polaroid to this concert and I took one of me and Liv before the concert started, which is in the picture above. You could actually get a free Polaroid picture at The Vamps, so we went to find that little photo area and I got a picture of me and Liv together again, which is also in the picture above, and now is the new Polaroid at the back of my phone.
The Vamps had three support act, they first had Hometown, who were amazing, although they didn't play any instruments and they also didn't do a cover of theirs I really liked, but still they were amazing and everyone sang along with the covers they did.  After Hometown, it was Conor Maynard who came on next, and I think I lost my voice whilst he was on. The Final support act they had were The Tide, who I actually met last, and they were really good. However, Manchester was the last night on tour in the UK, so The Vamps and the rest of the tour crew were all playing pranks on each other, the first one being The Vamps stopped the Tide's music and ran on.

After the Tide had finished The Vamps came on a bit later, and the whole arena erupted in screams.
The Vamps started the concert off with Rest Your Love, which is one of my favourite singles they have. They then sang Cheater, which is one of my favourite songs of theirs, and me and my sister love it. The third song was Somebody to You, and this was when the pranks on The Vamps started, the crew had put on Demi's part of the song, which didn't happen in Liverpool, and then suddenly all their mums and sisters came on in Pink Ladies jackets singing it, this was only one of many pranks that happened throughout the night.
Many more songs were sang, and some of my favorite things that happened were Tris' drum solo and also when the New Hope Club sang Oh Cecelia, they were really good singing it.
Both concerts were amazing, I loved both of them and the day after both my throat was killing me, as I think I sang a bit too much.

I hope you liked today's post, and if you like posts like this and concert posts, my last post was my concert essentials, and if you haven't read that and want to I will leave the link to it.



  1. Sounds like you had an amazing time at both concerts, and you were so lucky that you managed to get better seats in Liverpool! I also went to the Manchester show and the pranks were so funny! X

    Erin // Everything Erin

    1. I did, I know I could not believe it when the girls offered us the tickets. It was an amazing concert the last night, I hope you enjoyed it too.
      Thank you for reading and commenting.
      Ailish Elizabeth


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