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 can you believe March is over, and we are now in April, I can't!
Since March is over, I thought today I would do my March favourites and share with you what I have been loving in March.

My first two favourite products of March are Soap&Glory products, I received these for Christmas, in the Soap&Glory The Whole She Bang Christmas Box.
Soap&Glory Clean On Me 
I have used this before, I think the mini versions, that you get in other Soap&Glory gift sets. However, when using the mini versions I feel like you don't get to see how well the product actually works. This is a classic Soap&Glory scent and I personally really like it, and is a subtle scent for a shower gel, I think I might like this scent more than the Sugar Crush one now.
Soap&Glory Peaches and Clean
I think this could be my favourite ever Soap&Glory product. When I first started using it, I was using it to try and thought I would not be using every day, but I do, every night I will use it, and it is amazing. The scent of this is also lovely, I think I prefer this scent over the Soap&Glory classic scent, as it is a lovely fruity peach scent. As you can see I am nearly running out, however my older sister has also been using it and she has her own, so once we have finished this one we will use hers, or I will go out and buy another one.
Sleek Blush by 3 Palette in Pink Lemonade
This palette has been featured in many monthly favourites, since Niamh got me it for Christmas in 2014. However, I normally talk about how much I love Icing Sugar, but recently I have been using the blush Pink Mint more and more, and it has became my favourite out of the 3. If you are wondering which one it is, it is the light pink one, it gives you such a lovely pink tint to your cheeks, I love it.
Sage Pearl Roll-On Perfume Oil
Isn't this super cute? I got this for Christmas off my Auntie and Uncle, and I love it. It is the perfect size to throw in my bag, and apply it in school and as it is an oil perfume, the scent stays all day. I love the Pearl one as it is such a lovely subtle scent, and isn't strong and irritates me.
Blue Earrings
I got these around two years ago, maybe more, off my cousin, I think, for my birthday. When I first got them I wore them all the time, however one of my ears is pierced really low, and they get super irritated and go red and hurt, so I stopped wearing them. However, this month I have started to wear my hair fully down and straight, and when I have it fully down or straight I put my hair behind my ears, so since my ears would be on show, I have started to wear these again. Sadly, I do have to take them out when I got to bed, because of how low one of my piercings is, so I do sometimes forget to wear them.
My Bedroom Wall
This might be weird that my bedroom wall is one of my favourite things of this month, but I love this wall. I call this wall my memory wall, because as you can see I keep on there pictures, tickets and I have birthday badges. If you have read my blog for a while, you will know that I have had the pictures in the middle for a while, although I have changed them, and now the majority are pictures from when I went to Paris last year, but at the beginning of the year I added my Polaroids to the wall and then the other day I added all my concert tickets too. I love this wall so much, and I can't wait to keep adding to it.
Japanese Sweets
My final favourites of the month are these two Japanese sweets, they are white chocolate and a lolly pop. I got these of one of my friends who has recently been to Japan. The white chocolate is literally my favourite white chocolate ever, and if you don't know white chocolate is my favourite type of chocolate. Unlike other white chocolates it is not sickly and it is so smooth and nice. The lolly pop is also really nice, I think mine was strawberry or strawberry milkshake, I'm not too sure, but it was lovely and reminded me of some kind of lolly pop or sweets I had when I was little, that were pink and white swirls and hard sweets, but yeah both of these were lovely and I am so thankful for my friend who got me these.

I hope you liked this post, and had a lovely March.
What did you love this month?


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