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Today's post is going to be  sharing with you how I revise, I asked on Twitter what you would like to see and the majority of you voted for me to do this post. Since it is coming up to exam time for many, I thought this would also be a good post for people who are going to be doing their exams soon. However, since I am in year 10 I haven't really got a lot of revision, but I thought I would share with you what I have at the moment.

Science Revision
Science is one of the subjects I have started to revising, although I haven't got revision for physics yet, I have got revision for biology and chemistry. Although, I do have these revision books and workbooks, that my school have provided for us. I personally think these are amazing revision books, and if there is something I do not understand during biology or chemistry or mainly physics, what is most of the time, I can look through the books and it will give me brief information about a certain topic. The workbooks are also very helpful, they make sure that you are learning things when reading the revision guide. However, I would not use this as you main revision source.
This is what the revision book and workbook look like inside.
I have revised biology and chemistry in two main ways, the first one being using flashcards, and I have them in these mini files, what they came in, I got these from Wilkinsons for around £1. I have two, one for Chemistry, C1, C2 and C3 and another one for Biology, B1, B2 and B3. All I did on them was write a question on one side and on the other the answer and on the top I put what module I was doing and highlighted it to go with the science I am doing. The files also have a clear bit where you can put extra paper, and in the biology one I have put a diagram of the heart, that I have labeled. I think these are great for revision, but again they are not what I would go to first, and I mainly use them for extra revision.
Mind maps, that is my main type of revision. 
For me, mind maps are one of the easiest ways for me to revise, and of course I use colour pens to make it look pretty. For my mind maps I put the module in the center in a bubble and go off with different topics around it and write about these topics. I personally think mind maps are one of the best ways to revise, as you can fit a lot of information on, and the information that isn't too important I will put them on flashcards.
Another way I revise is using past papers,this is an amazing way to revise, after you have done your main revision, as it shows if you have actually revised and learnt something, or if you are just writing things out.
All of my biology, chemistry and physics revision.
French Revision
This is mainly revision for french writing or speaking, so the controlled assessments, that are I think 60% of your french GCSE. I have actually done three of my french controlled assessments and hopefully only have one left. The first three pictures are from my first writing controlled assessment, as the one I did on Friday my french teacher has, to make sure I don't loose it. The main way to revise for french writing is just to write it out again and again, until you know it. Before I actually started learning it I did two drafts that my teacher marked and then I wrote my third one out in different colours, each paragraph in a different coloured pens, and then I kept writing the paragraphs in their colours. Once I had learnt all my paragraphs, I wrote them in black pen as that is the colour pen I would be using for the test. The reason I wrote the paragraphs in different colours was because I remember colours, so I can remember the paragraph through the colour it was wrote it. 
This is my french speaking, that I actually have my second one in around three weeks, I think maybe more. At the moment I only have two drafts of my questions, however I am going to draft it again and start learning it soon. Learning my french speaking for me is one of the hardest for me to learn, one of the ways my teacher made sure my class was learning our speaking was by playing pass the parcel and if it stopped on you, then we would open it and as well as there being sweets in there, there would be one of the questions too.

I hope you all liked this post, it was requested, so that is why I did it. Comment below some of the ways you revise!


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