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Today, we turn two!
17th of March, my blog birthday, that is today, so that means Ailish Elizabeth is two years old, I can't believe it!
Two years ago today I sat and typed and uploaded my first ever blog post, whilst texting one of my friends about starting my blog, and if I actually should do, and luckily I did start it! 

My first post was a hair tutorial, it was a "How to do a Sock Bun", and I had actually only learnt to do a sock bun around two days before the post went up. I really don't want to bore you with facts or stories, you may or may not already know from reading previous posts. 

In this year my blog has grown so much, I have done many posts, some similar to ones I did in my first year of blogging, like favourites and makeup looks, but I have also done some different posts too, such as recipes and book reviews. I have also done collabs, I've done them with some of my favourite bloggers, and I have loved doing them.
My blog has grew because of these posts, but I wouldn't have done them without you, you reading this. Because of you I have carried on with my blog, because of you just reading it, and also because of you commenting on my posts telling me your opinion on my post, so thank you. 
This year has been an amazing year for me, I went to Paris and did a post on it I loved, I also did 12 days of Blogmas, what was an amazing experience for me, as I realised that if I believe I can do something, I can, as at first I thought I would fail doing 12 days of blogmas, but I did it, I did all 12 days!
I hope this year, my third year of blogging is as good as my last two!
Thank you for reading this post, and all my other posts in the past two years!



  1. Well done! That's awesome that your blog has turned 2. I hope it will be another great year!

    1. Thank you, hopefully if will be another great year, if I stick to uploading a new post every Sunday!
      Thank you for reading and commenting,
      Ailish Elizabeth


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