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Today's post is one that I am super excited to post, it is an... Aria Montgomery makeup look!
Also, this post is a collab with Rhia from Signed With a Smile, I have done a post with her before, and we are doing another one today, we are both doing one of the makeup looks from one of the girls in Pretty Little Liars. I am doing Aria's, as I have already said and Rhia is doing Hanna's makeup, so remember after reading my post, go and read hers!
This is the picture of Aria that I based my makeup look on, Aria in the earlier seasons wore a subtle dark eye, that I love and I found some pictures were she has a nude lip gloss/ lipstick on, so I had to do this makeup look.

My Aria makeup look.

Makeup used for this look:
~Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation (010 Light Porcelain)
~Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation (010 Light Porcelain)
~Soap&Glory Kick Ass Concealer (Light)
~Rimmel Stay Matte Powder (Transparent)
~Maybelline Master Sculpt (01 Light Medium)
~Sleek Blush By 3 palette (Pink Lemonade)
~Too Faced Natural Matte Palette
~Eyeko Me and My Shadow stick (Taupe)
~Eyeko Eye Do Mascara
~Collection Eyebrow Kit (Brunette)
~Tanya Burr lipgloss (Afternoon Tea)
~Soap&Glory Gloss Stick (Nudist)

Face Makeup
I am going to start with my face makeup, and it is not that much different to what I have used in previous makeup tutorials. Firstly, I applied my foundation (Rimmel Match Perfection), I blended this into my face using the Real Techniques Buffing Brush, as for me that is the best way for me to blend in my foundation.
I then took my Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation and put a small amount on the back of my hand, I actually don't wear this as a foundation I just use it under my eyes, the reason I do this because I started using it as a foundation the other month, but it made my face too glittery so now I just use it under my eyes. I apply this under my eyes in a triangle shape and just blend it in. Then I take my actual concealer (Soap&Glory Kick Ass Concealer) and I just put this on any spots I have and then powder my face with the powder that comes with it.
After I have done my basic face makeup, I will take my Maybelline Master Sculpt, I take the contour, and just apply that mainly focusing on my cheek bones/ hollows of my cheeks and also a small amount on each side of my nose, just took make it look slimmer. Then I took the highlighter part and dabbed that on the top of my cheek bones. Once I applied my highlighter and contour I will take my blush and I used my favourite, Icing Sugar from the Sleek Blush by 3 palette, once I have applied that to the apples of my cheeks, I powder my face again, this time using the Rimmel Stay Matte powder. Now onto my eye makeup!

Eye Makeup
Too Faced Natural Matte Palette
So, for Aria's makeup, as I said before, I did a subtle dark eye, using brown shades. I firstly applied my Eyeko Me and My Shadow stick in Taupe, it is a lovely brown-ish cream eye shadow with silver tones, it looks lovely on its own, but also with other eye shadows. After applying that, I applied Cashmere Bunny from the Too Faced Natural Matte Palette. I applied this to my crease and blended it outwards, and then I took Strapless and put that in my crease as well, and blended that outwards too, but not as much and a lot softer. I then took Sexpresso, on a Real Techniques accent brush and lightly put that on the outer corner of my eye and blended it in and then finally took Heaven and lightly put that in the inner corner of my eyes, just to make it look a bit softer and also to highlight the inner corner of my eyes. 
After doing my eye shadow, I did my eyebrows, and I am not going to go through how I do them, as I have a separate post on how I fill in my eyebrows, so I will just leave a link to that post.
Finally, for my eyes I took my mascara (Eyeko Eye Do Mascara) and just applied that onto my lashes.

I personally thought for Aria there were many options for lips, but for this eye shadow look I think the simple and more nude the lip shade is the better. I had many different lip glosses look, but the two I could not choose between were the Tanya Burr Lip gloss in Afternoon Tea and the Soap&Glory Gloss Stick in Nudist.

This is what the Tanya Burr Lip gloss looked like, I did like it and I thought it went with the makeup look.
This is the other lip choice and I opted to wear this lip gloss, as I went out with this makeup look the other day.
I hope you all like this post, I personally loved it and was so super excited to do it. I love Pretty Little Liars and I love Aria and doing makeup, so for me this was a good post. Remember to go and read Rhia's post. Also, I would love to do more makeup tutorials, I know when I did the review of my Naked 2 palette someone asked me to do some tutorials with that, and this year I will, I also will do other makeup looks if you want me to. So, if you want to see more makeup looks, comment below what types of makeup tutorials you want, or if you want me to do more celebrity makeup tutorials, I will just tell me who you want me to do makeup tutorials of!



  1. Love your look, Ailish! You look absolutely gorgeous! Definitely going to look into purchasing that Tanya Burr gloss. Super pretty! Looking forward to your next post! X

    1. Thank you, it is such a pretty shade, I really recommend it! There should be a post up on Thursday, I hope you like it! Thank you for commenting and reading!
      Ailish Elizabeth


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