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I'm back with another monthly favourites, and I can't believe that August is near enough over and that means summer is too and I'm back to school soon! However, since it is the end of August I will be sharing with you some of the things I have been loving this month, like always there isn't a lot but here it is anyway!

KIKO Kiss Balm
My first favourite this month is the KIKO Kiss Balm in 02 Apricot, I think this has been mentioned in another one of my favourites before but I have just got to say this is just so nice and leaves your lips feeling soft with a tint of colour. I got mine when I was in France and went to a KIKO store, however you can get them at any KIKO store or online, and they are so affordable. I love mine and it isn't a shade I would normally wear, however I love it.

Barry M Lip Boss
Another lip product, however this is a lip gloss, and it is the Barry M Lip Boss in shade 4 Let's Touch Base. I really like this and it is another shade that I wouldn't normally go for, it is a soft pink-ish gloss and is a bit on the clear side. Things I don't like are the packaging, I think they redid the packaging from black letters to silver and I really don't like it, I'm not sure if it was just mine, but it all chipped away and it would come off just from holding it and putting it in my bag, and I think it looks really cheap and ugly now and it actually makes me feel a bit sick looking at it. But other than that I really like it!

Naked 2 Palette
For Christmas I got the Naked 2 palette because I really liked the eye shadows in it and I thought it was the best Naked palette for me and this summer I have been using it every single day! I think my favourite eye shadows are foxy, bootycall, tease, YDK and verve. I love how I can do different eye looks everyday, but I have been trying to stick to the same one, just using like four shades. I think bootycall is the perfect shade to highlight your brow bone and the corner of your eyes, I just love it.

Body Shop Chocomania body butter
For my birthday last year, my cousin got me three of the Chocomania products from the body shop and my favourite was always the body butter and this month and last month I used it so much. I used it this month a lot when I wore dressers, skirts, shorts, playsuits anything really when my legs were on show and in July I wore it a lot because I had tanned/burnt my legs during both of my sports days, or during PE when I was on the field playing rounders, my legs got burnt manly when I was sat down waiting. Also this smells so nice and I love putting it on before I go to bed, so my room smells like chocolate.

Soap&Glory Mist You Madly spray
I have loved wearing this during the summer, because it is a nice light floral scent and I love floral scents and hate strong scents because they make me sneeze and this doesn't really make me sneeze that much. I like spraying this on before I leave the house and it is a light subtle scent, so you can smell it but it just isn't harsh.

Go Set A Watchman by Harper Lee
This month I read Go Set A Watchman by Harper Lee what is/was the first draft of To Kill A Mockingbird and it got released mid July on the 14th, I think, and that night my Mum bought it for me on my kindle so I could read it straight away, but I didn't. I got a good 30% through the book and gave up, because I didn't like the changes that had happened and read another book instead. But a couple of days (Monday night) I decided I had to read it and picked my kindle and decided to start reading it from the beginning again and finished it really quickly, I think I finished it on Tuesday night. I read this book because I love To Kill A Mockingbird and have done since I was around 10 and first read it, and I have read it so many times since then, and then this year in English we read and analysed it and compared it to the film and it made me love even more. I also love the film, I remember watching it for the first time on my own in awe, and I also love the play of it, I saw that this year in May, I think and around 15 of us went and our school got us front row tickets and I was front center and it was amazing. But, this book was not as amazing as To Kill A Mockingbird, I cant see why it was a first draft and she got told to rewrite it from a young Scout's view, because the flashbacks in the books for me were the best bits, though they didn't seem to fit in right. So, yeah, I am mixed feelings on it, I am not too sure if I love it, I am not too sure if I hate it, I just know I didn't like all the changes and the characters and how they were portrayed.

Music Favourites
Hair by Little Mix
The other night Little Mix released their new single Hair, and it is amazing and I can't wait to see it preformed live, because I think it is going to be amazing at the concert.
Drag Me Down by One Direction
As we all know, I love One Direction and I loved the music video for Drag Me Down. Also the "split/ break up" thing, I did cry about, I cried the night it was all over twitter and then the morning after, I am still hoping it isn't real.
I love the new songs 5SOS have released, they have released two songs off the new album, coming out in October and a She's Kinda Hot EP and all five/six songs are amazing, I especially love Fly Away.

Also for music I have been loving Beth Mota's playlist on Spotify called Beth's Favourites, it is amazing!

There are my favourites of this month down below any of your favourites or if you are loving anything I am loving!
Ailish Elizabeth


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