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Hey guys! 
Before I begin today's post I just want to say sorry for not uploading a blog post last week, it was because I didn't feel too well and I had nothing prepared and no idea on what I was going to do, so I'm sorry.

But, now on to today's post, I will be doing a review on two of my favourite mascaras, Soap&Glory Thick&Fast and Benefit They're Real mascara. I love both of them and wear them none stop, so I though I would do a review on them.

Soap&Glory Thick&Fast mascara
Soap&Glory Thick&Fast mascara is my most used mascara at the moment and it is such and amazing formula and doesn't make your eyelashes clump together. I uses this mascara nearly every single day, it is really easy to apply and doesn't leave mascara on your eyelids.
Thick&Fast is a wet formula, what I normally stay away from, as it normally takes forever to dry but this drys super quick, what means you can put it on and go.
The brush for the mascara is just a normal basic brush, however it is so much better than a normal basic mascara brush, as it makes your eyelashes look so much longer than normal. 
The mascara doesn't make your eyelashes look like they are fake and clumped together, they make them look normal and that you have just got naturally long eyelashes.

Benefit They're Real mascara
Benefit They're Real  mascara I use manly on the weekend, as it is not the biggest mascara, so I don't want to use it all in like 2 weeks.This mascara, unlike the Thick&Fast mascara leaves your eyelashes look a bit thin but still long. The formula of this mascara is that it is a dry formula mascara what I do prefer. Like the previous mascara it again doesn't leave mascara on your eye lids.
I prefer the brush for the They're Real, as the bristles are really close together, so all your eyelashes get mascara on, even the small ones at the end, that normally get left out, because the end of the brush also has bristles on. Again these make your eyelashes look long and natural, however really thin.

I personally prefer the Soap&Glory Thick&Fast over Benefit They're Real, just because I wear it more often and I think it makes my eyelashes look more noticeable. 

Ailish Elizabeth


  1. Lovely post, Ailish! I've never tried either of these products, but I'm definitely going to look into the Thick & Fast mascara by Soap & Glory. Looking forward to your next post. Keep up the amazing work with your blog! xx


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