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Hey guys!
This weeks blogpost is a little bit different to my normal post, as this week it is about my hair, as you can tell by the title, as I have done something different with my hair!
So, this week I have been off school, as it has been half term, and on Tuesday I went the hairdressers and changed my hair, a lot... I got my hair cut short.
Now, I have been wanting to get my hair cut short for a while now, maybe nearly a year or so, as a lot of you tubers were doing it, however, I would just forget about it and want to grow my hair longer. 
But this time it was different! 
The other week, I think two weeks ago, Gaby from "Don't Need Make Up To Cover Up" posted a blogpost about short hair, with really nice pictures of short hair. I saved the pictures from the post and since reading that I saved maybe around 30 pictures of short, just below the shoulder haircuts, so this time I was determined to get my haircut, and that is what happened I got my hair cut short!

So, this is what my before and after pictures are like, the one on the top makes me look like I have ginger hair, when I don't but just ignore that. My hair was maybe the longest I've ever had it before I got it cut, it was nearly the whole length of my back, though the picture makes it look shorter and it was past my ribs on the front, so it was long. When I got it cut it wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be, I thought I was going to chicken out! I didn't realize how much I didn't like having my hair long until I got it cut, it was horrible, it was too long, it went everywhere and at night I kept lying on my hair and pulling on it and when I turned over it would wrap around my neck and it really hurt! Also, I found my long hair to be boring as the weeks before getting it cut, I just wore it natural or wavy as it took to long to use heat on it and even though it was long, I still had thin hair because of my layers!
Also, with short hair, it is a lot easier to do stuff with, for example I can wash it really quickly. (Tip: if you do get your hair cut short, remember to use less shampoo and conditioner, because I didn't the first time washing it and I was left with most of the shampoo still on my hand!) 
My hair now, it will dry quicker, I can straighten it quicker, literally takes like 10 minutes to straighten it, however it still takes a while for my to wave it using my deep barrel waver.
I didn't get any layers put in when I got it cut, so now my hair is super thick, it is the thickest it has ever been! The reason I got no layers was because it is so short now, I didn't want bits of hair being super short, also my layers grow really quick, so I didn't want them quicker than my normal hair!

I really recommend getting your hair cut short because it is really nice, easy and quick to style and it will grow back, so in a couple of months or year you will have kind of long hair, for example last year in April I had hair to just the top of my boobs and in less than a year it was past my ribs, so it will grow back!
Ailish Elizabeth


  1. Yes, having short hair has its advantages. I'm glad you're feeling great about this change. And you’re right; it will grow back eventually. So it’s okay to try it out, and see if it fits the look you’re going for. Anyway, thanks for sharing your short hair experience! Cheers!

    Tommy Clark @ Her Hair Company

  2. Being satisfied and happy with the result of your haircut is what matters most. I’m glad that you can now do lots of styles with your shorter hair. Thanks for sharing with us, Ailish! Have a great hair day and stay beautiful! :)

    Sadie Montgomery @ Hoshalls Folsom

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