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Hey guys! Today, I will be doing a tag, this is a christmas tag, Tom Fletcher from McFly/McBusted created, and since it is nearly christmas, I thought I would do this.
What is your favourite...?1. Festive food 
My favourite festive food would have to be either be Roast Potatoes for a savoury and for something sweet would be anything from a selection box.

2. Reindeer 
My favourite Reindeer would have to be either Rudolph because I played Rudolph when I was in Reception or Prancer, just because I like the name. However, I also like Sven from Frozen.

3. Day of Christmas
I actually only learnt the whole of this song off by heart this year, the other week in school when me and my friends sang it at lunch and in English, and my favourite day would have to be "Seven Swans Are Swimming!" 

4. Christmas Song
My favourite Christmas song is East 17 Stay Another Day, I love it! Then it would be either Jingle Bell Rock, however I only know it because of Mean Girls, or All I want For Christmas!
5. Christmas Present 
My favourtie present to get off family or friends, would be bath stuff or bed socks, all my friends know I love bath sets so literally I have loads of them.
6. Christmas Film
My Favourite Christmas film is the Polar Express, then it is the Santa Clause films, and I also love Nativity 1 and 2, they are just so funny and amazing! Also I know nearly every single word to the songs in the first film.
7. Christmas Cracker toy
It would have to be the yo-yo, because then I send the rest of the day trying to be an amazing yo-yo champion person. Or the one that spins around and makes annoying noises, that you get in party bags when you are little, because it just annoys people.
8. Christmas Cracker joke
I actually can't remember any, but I searched for some and there was one that I kind of knew, and that was, What do they sing on a snowman's birthday?
Freeze a jolly good fellow!
9. Decoration
Mine has got to be the cute baubles on the tree, to be specific we have some from when we went Disney Land Paris when I was younger and they are a yellow one with Belle on and the castle behind her, then a pink one with Aurora on and the castle behind her. Finally a silver one with baby Minnie Mouse on and it say the year we went and says "Joyeux Noel" on it.
10. Candle scent
In our living room we have a lot of the Yankee Candle Soft Cotton  scented candles, that are not a strong scent but just a nice scent.
11. Christmas advert
I do love the John Lewis advert and love Monty the Penguin and think it is cute, however I do like the one from 2012 where the snow man goes and buys the other snow women gloves with The Power Of Love in the background, and I did love the 2010 and 2011 adverts and this year and last year were not as good as them. However this year my favourite Christmas advert is the Marks&Spencers one with Fly Me To The Moon in the background, and the Fairies, I just love the fairies!
12. Festive Tradition
My favourite festive tradition, is that every Christmas Eve, baking with my Mum and Sister, then having a warm bath and getting changed into new Christmas pyjamas from  "the Elves" and watching Christmassy stuff with my Mum, Dad and sister and then going to bed and the house smells of Turkey, normally would make me feel sick, however on Christmas eve it is  a nice smell. Then when me and Niamh go to bed, we talk for ages and watch Christmas films.
 13. Place to spend Christmas
I spend Christmas at home with my parents, sister and my Grandparents and my Uncle and then on Boxing Day we go and spend boxing day with my dads side of the family
 14. Festive Fact
My festive fact is that on Christmas day Italians eat Panettone (Or Flan if you don't understand this it is okay, only two other people will understand it!)
15. Snowman accessory
My favourite snowman accessory would be gloves because of the John Lewis advert!

Ailish Elizabeth



  1. Oh we sure love the 12days of Christmas song don't we😂. Is that panettone the thing from science?! Haha💕

    1. We do love it Jess, might be my favourite song! Yep! When Laura said her Nan makes it every year!!

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