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Hey guys! Sorry I haven't posted a blog post in nearly two weeks, the reason why is because last Sunday I was really busy and throughout the week I have been tired, however I am posting today, and it is a christmassy one!

Since it is winter, we all love drinking warm, hot drinks during the day or at night, and in the UK there are many coffee shops that sell lovely drinks, but sometimes they are a bit expensive. One of my favourite drinks to get in the winter is Starbucks White Chocolate Mocha. However there is not a Starbucks close to my house and every time I want one I don't want to have to spend around 4 pound for it, so instead I found out how I can make it at home for a lot cheaper.

You Will Need

White Hot Chocolate powder.
Any brand is fine, but I prefer Options White Hot Chocolate powder and they are the only brand I can find who does white hot chocolate.
Any coffee is fine, however you don't want a too strong coffee as you don't want it to overpower the white hot chocolate.
You will also need milk, because that is what blends it all together.
A cute mug, or cup is perfect, this is one of my favourite ones and is just got Minnie Mouse on one side and words to describe her on the other.
If you are not a fan of white hot chocolate, you can always just make a normal mocha, using normal hot chocolate. I like to use the Galaxy one for mochas, however I have never used the options one for a mocha!
Now on to how you make it! You first add your coffee, I think I added around two teaspoons of coffee, because like I said before, you don't want it to be too strong.
Then you add your white hot chocolate powder, I added around three teaspoons of this, just because when I make a normal hot chocolate I add four, and since the coffee and white hot chocolate to mix, you don't want to add too much.
Then you add tour hot water, you could just boil some milk and add hot milk, like you would with a hot chocolate, however I made this like you would make a cup of coffee.
Then finally, I added the milk, what made it cool down quicker, so you can drink it kind of straight away, without burning yourself.
That is how you make your White Chocolate Mocha, unlike the ones you get from Starbucks, mine did not come out white, but a caramel colour, but it still had the same taste.

If you do make it I hope you enjoy and love it like me!

Ailish Elizabeth


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