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Hey! Before I start today's post I would just like to say sorry this wasn't posted earlier , I was just super tired and forgot all about it, sorry! Now on to today's post!

So today's post is going to be about what I did on Saturday... The Vamps! On Saturday me, my sister, my sisters friend and one of my best friends Liv went to see The Vamps, they were amazing! 

This is what I wore:
    Dress: Forever 21
    Cardigan: Primark
    Boots: New Look
    Then when the concert started I changed into this:
My Vamps top that I bought at the merchandise outside. 

We spent the whole day in Town and we actually saw Luke Friend busking, here are some pictures of him busking:
He was so good live! 

We also met someone else called Luke outside the arena, from the band The Secrets, he was busking somewhere in town but we didn't see him but met his outside the arena, though we didn't know who he was!

Then at around half six we went in and we didn't need to buy anything as we bought all our merch from the stall they have outside so we went straight to our seats that were really good. They had three support acts, E of E that weren't good at all, Luke Friend who was really good and Nina Nesbitt who was amazing, here are some pictures of Nina and Luke:
My pictures aren't that good, just because of the lightning! 

Then The Vamps came on, and they were amazing!! 

The merch I bought was:

I got a bracelet of a group of three girls I front of us in the que who asked who liked Tristan, and gave it to me .

   I also got a programme.

So I hope you liked today's post, sorry it is up late, but this week in my school is assessment week so I have been revising every night! 



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