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Hey guys, it's Ailish! I'm sorry I did not post a blog post last week, as I didn't feel well, then I forgot to write one. Today's post is something I'm really looking forward to, and that is my autumn essentials. Finally it is autumn and her are things that I love in autumn!


One thing I love to do is reading, and reading in the autumn is just perfect! I currently love reading books about police and crime with amazing plot twist. Reading in the autumn with a blanket and a hot chocolate is so nice and is a lovely way to spend one night per week.

Nail Varnish

I love painting my nails darker colours in the autumn and winter, these are some of my favourite colours for nails. Red, purple, copper and blue, then also black however I don't have a black nail varnish yet.


Blankets is a must have for autumn to keep you warm and also can decorate your room in them. I really like big blankets to watch films in.

 Bed Socks  

I wear bed socks all year around, however my feet get so cold in autumn and winter so thick fluffy bed socks are what I love for the autumn. My favourite are these red ones that I got last Christmas, they have grips on as well what makes me not fall over!


I love jumpers, they are super comfortable and you need them in autumn. This is one of my favourites from Forever 21, I love the mint colour, it is one of my favourite colours.

Dark Lips

I love wearing a dark lip in autumn, that was one thing I was looking forward to, wearing dark lips. I love dark red lips and berry lips, they are so pretty. If you can not wear a dark lip in autumn and winter, when can you?


Music, is a must have for all year around! I love listening to acoustic songs, I really love the app 8tracks to listen to most of my music. One of my favourite playlist on that app is this:
it is amazing!

Hot Chocolate

Hot Chocolate makes autumn and winter, however I don't like normal hot chocolate, I only like white hot chocolate, what is so nice!

So that is my Autumn Essentials, hope you liked it!

Ailish Elizabeth


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