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Hi guys! So today I'm doing a post that is tag, yes I know it is Tuesday but recently I was tagged by Katielou from to do the Summer Lovin' tag! This was created by Fleur De Force, and I really wanted to do it, so thank you Katielou! Also I'm uploading today because if I do tags I'm going to do them on a Tuesday so you still get a normal post on a Sunday, here are my answers! 

Summer lips?

I personally love lip glosses over lipsticks and a nice glossy lip over matt, however this summer I have been loving the Collection Cream Puff lip creams. These are matt lip creams, and oh my god they are amazing! I have two in the shades Cotton Candy, a really nice pink colour, kind of dark pink and then another in Fairy Cake what is a really pretty coral colour! They are so nice and don't dry your lips out, I have been wearing them all the time! 

Summer nail polish?

For nail polish I really like to change my nail colour, like at the moment they are a really pretty dark pink, but last week they were nude, so I don't always stay to the same colour. However of I had to pick a colour it would be this lovely blue from Barry M and it is in Blueberry and then on one of my nails I like putting glitter on them and the glitter is also from Barry M and it is in Aqua Glitter and they look so cute together!  

Summer Starbucks drink?

This question is probably the hardest question of all as I love Starbucks, however if I had to pick one for this summer I think it would be the caramel frappuccino, the coffee and caramel taste so nice together!

Summer music?

I love listening to music and I have many favourite songs, my summer music would be 5SOS' album what is just amazing and 1000 Forms Of Fear by Sia, they are both amazing, I love Chandelier by Sia and another song I am in love with is Rude by Magic! 

Summer accessory?

My favourite summer accessory is my black ombré round sunglasses from New Look I am just in love with them!

Summer fragrance/perfume?

I don't have a certain fragrance I am in love with for this summer it is generally anything that is floral scented or fruity scented!

Summer book?

I love to read so this summer I am going to be reading a lot of books but two are Looking For Alaska by John Green and Harry Potter and The Prisoner Of Azkaban by J.K Rowling, I am currently reading that, however I can't get into, it might be because I don't like The Prisoner Of Azkaban as a film, I feel like it is the worse one!

Most excited for?

This summer I am most excited for going on holiday in a couple of weeks and just relaxing and hopefully getting a tan! 

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