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Hey guys, today's post is going to a bit different and quick, but yesterday me, my Mum, my Dad and older sister all went into Liverpool to see the giants. 
If you don't know this past week in Liveroool there has been three giants there, the company Sea Odyssey came to Liverpool in 2012 with three giants; the girl, the dog Xolo and thgirls Uncle and I saw them then and they were amazing! So we went again yesterday and again there was three giants, the girl, her dog Xolo but this time their Grandmother ( she was so cute). 

When we went yesterday there was thousands of people waiting for the grandmother to return from her travel around part of Liverpool.
This was before the Grandmother arrived back to St George's hall.
This is what the Grandmother look like, she was in a wheel chair.
Then they read her diary out, first in french ( as it is a french company) then in English, me and my sister were seeing if we could understand it, we couldn't.
Then she had a little nap before her walk through the rest of Liverpool later on in the day.

Then they were going to be walking the rest of the way through Liverpool at around half four so at half three/ three fortyfive we made our way to a little road the girl and Xolo was going to walk down, we got front view.
We waited for near enough an hour and a half so me and Niamh took a picture of our feet, how creative.
We also witnessed this, crocs and crocs and!
Then they came, Xolo leading the way, he kind of scared me.
Then following behind came the little girl.
How big is she?!?

Then we were walking back to our car and we heard the music that follows the giants and looked down one of the roads and saw the Grandmother giant, so we went to see her again.
Then me and Niamh got a picture with her.
And the most amazing thing was that she stood up....

How amazing is this company! I hope they come back to Liverpool soon, so I can see them again. 

Okay, guys I know this is not my normal post and I am sorry that it is not that good but I have my Summer Morning Routine, I am just making sure I like the pictures. Also there will be my July favourites and some more OOTD, my Alton Towers OOTD hopefully will be up tomorrow.
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